Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lunch Lady Land

Last night was the elementary school's annual PTA membership drive BINGO night.  I'd already joined the PTA via the form that came home in the kids' folders but we went just the same.  The kids love seeing their teachers and their friends - I like getting face time with the faculty/administrators.

We walked in and the first person Bryce sees is "Miss Cindy" one of the cafeteria workers.   He says hi to her and she says, "Hi Bryce!  Oh Bryce, your name was the first one I knew in your class."

Every mother's moment of pride, right?

When she realized we were his parents, she said, "Oh yeah, I knew his name, he is such a talker and he's up and down, up and down."


Then she noticed Caroline standing nearby and asked if she was "mine too."  When I told her yes, she said, "Oh, I know Caroline too - she can't sit down in her seat."

I'm just so, um, proud?

Once we sat down, I asked the kids what Miss Cindy's job was and both Caroline and her friend replied "She yells a lot!"  Ha!

So apparently Miss Cindy is one of the cafeteria ladies who roams the cafeteria while the kids are eating and keeps control.  And apparently they haven't changed very much since our days in school.  I remember the cafeteria ladies in our school, Ms. McDonald and Ms. Rose, as being kind of mean too.  I remember when they'd get fed up with us being too loud and how they'd make us eat in silence or have us sit, gulp, boy/girl/boy/girl.  My mom would always get annoyed when she'd hear about eating in silence because her perspective was that while you shouldn't be loud and obnoxious, lunch time is a time for kids to talk to one another.

Anyhow, I was a little annoyed at Miss Cindy's seeming to know my kids so well.  Granted, what she said didn't surprise me in the least.  Caroline does have problems sitting still in her seat (as does Bryce) and Bryce is a talker and is a bit silly as well.  However, Caroline rarely every has issues in the classroom and Bryce is doing okay.  Bryce's teacher, Ms. R, was there and she just laughed and said, "He's just a typical boy - he reminds me of my two boys.  They're both grown and still like that!"  Clearly, Ms. R is NOT an alarmist like it seems Miss Cindy is.

Quite frankly, hearing my kid is a little bit fidgety/talkative in lunch doesn't bother me because, well IT'S LUNCH!  It's their chance to get a little bit of their talking out and to socialize with their friends.  Obviously if there's another issue like throwing food or any other kind of destructive behavior, I'd be concerned, but talking and fidgeting in lunch, whatever!  When they start getting graded for their lunch time behavior, maybe then I'll be concerned. 

I guess it's just the realm of the cafeteria lady.  The only real interaction they have with the kids is at lunch time.  Blood sugar suddenly surging.  Kids being able to really talk for the first time all day.  Seeing their friends from other classes.  It's kind of a formula for craziness.  Clearly not a job I'll be applying for any time soon. 


Erin said...

LOL. Ben used to the call one of the lunch ladies at his old school the "Uhhhh Eat" lady because he said that's all she said to the kids when she walked around.


Erika said...

Erin, that is hilarious!!