Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Well, we finally were able to take the kids to Urban Pirates for Bryce's birthday outing.  Thanks to Irene for changing the date from 8/28 until this past Saturday.  We would have done it the next weekend except that was the date of the VERY annoying Grand Prix in Baltimore (plus my SIL and her husband wouldn't have been able to come).  So thankfully, everyone was able to make it and Urban Pirates were wonderful about rescheduling!

The boat departs right out of Fells Point.  You get there, they get you all on board and dressed like a pirate.

Piper was the one that got into it the most.  Caroline wouldn't do anything other than get a tattoo.

The boat takes off and away you go.   I was amazed at how the captain had us weaving in and out of the little areas of the Inner Harbor.  And yes, we made quite a ruckus!  There was dancing, yelling, and even a little pirate story telling.  I have to give the crew a lot of credit, they really stay in character!

The most fun part of the trip is when the sneaky (bad) pirate comes and harasses you.  Everyone mans the water cannons and shoots him.  Bryce especially loved this part!

It was a fun afternoon and we ended it with some ice cream at Maggie Moo's.  Even Caroline who didn't dress up and didn't really participate in all the fun said she had a good time (and she hadn't even wanted to go).  Big thanks to my parents, Jay's parents, Chrissa, Kelly and Jesse for coming along for the fun!

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