Monday, September 26, 2011

Almost Diaper Free

One of the strange things that came out of the long power outage after Hurricane Irene was that Piper kind of decided to accept potty training.  She had a few accidents even though she'd insist moments before her bladder exploded that "there is no pee in me!"  Of course at that point, I was a little nervous because we had no electric to do any of the pee laundry.  But we survived and she continued.

Fast forward to now and I'd say that Piper is officially "potty reliable."  She's going on her own and seems to be able to hold it.  The only caveat to that is that she's not trained at night, which is fine because Caroline didn't master overnights until she was 4.  The only problem with still wearing a pullup at night is that she is lazy in the mornings and won't change into underwear unless directed, so she'll consciously continue to pee in them until changed.  She's still expecting rewards with using the potty though and I'm ready to turn that off since it's becoming less wondrous to me (although no less appreciated).  I think I'm going to start trying to give her a reward if she changes into underwear by herself in the mornings.

I'm still not ready to relinquish carrying a diaper bag around though, but at least in most cases I just leave it in the car for emergencies.  And a change of clothes is almost definitely required at this point since you never know when an overfilled bladder could strike.  But suffice it to say that our diaper days are nearly over.  I clearly have purchased my last box of diapers although pullups will continue to hang around for a bit - at least now I can buy a big box at Costco and expect it will last a few months.

We're also getting VERY close to the milestone and reward I set for our house when we are free of diapers - we can buy a new trashcan.  The one in the garage smells horribly after almost 8 years of the smelly (dirty) things and we haven't wanted to get a new one until we knew those days were behind us.  (I'll wait until she's dry at night before getting rid of the Diaper Champ though.)  So now our garage trash can can just smell like trash instead of well, you know.



Katie said...

Piper is diaper-free?? I can't accept that she is growing up. Sorry. She'll always be 2 years old to me. :)

Erika said...

How do you think I feel? I'm her mom - I keep thinking she's 2 also. She will ALWAYS be my baby - I'm sure that will be hard when she's 16. Babies are supposed to stay little and cute forever!

Laura said...

Eight years of diapers, that's a long time. It's the end of an era!

Heather said...

Gretchen says, "Piper, wear panties! They are fun and comfy and you can even get Tinkerbell ones."