Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Piper's Wallpaper Border

Well, we finally got around to picking out Piper's wallpaper border.  I meant to do it in early summer but then we got wrangled with the mini-flood and the house destroyed.  We've had a contractor out and he's repaired all the holes in the walls and ceilings (thank goodness) but now Jason needs to do the priming/painting and replace all the carpet padding.  So it's finally time to repaint Piper's room.  I don't want to pick out paint until the border is here so we can find a suitable shade of purple to go with it.  She kept telling me she wanted purple with stars so here's what she picked:

There are a bunch of different shades of purple in this one and I think we can find one that complements it nicely.  I can't wait to see it and then go and pick out paint. 

I'm still waiting until Jason gets the playroom repainted and carpet fixed because I want to do a major cleanup and reorganization in that room and once that's done move some of the toys in Piper's room down to the playroom because it's just overrun right now and her room isn't that big to begin with.  I think we'll leave the glider rocker in there for a bit longer and take it out once we get her a big bed in the next year or so.  I'll be sad painting over the green and yellow paint as well as taking down the turtles though.  No more nursery!

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