Saturday, August 20, 2011

Old, Dead Cell Phone

Back in 2007, I had a pink Razor (flip?) phone.  At the time it was fairly hip.  I could text on it and take photos but only send them via text messaging.  I didn't get my BlackBerry until April 2009 and then upgraded to a Droid this past spring.  Jason also had a Razor phone at the same time and when we each got a BlackBerry we still had our old Razors sitting around.  We took the batteries out of them and meant to dispose of them properly, we really did.  But then the kids got a hold of them.  (We turned our BlackBerrys into the Verizon store when we got our Droids.)

Well, you can imagine how much more kids like "real" fake phones as opposed to the plastic kiddie versions they have.  Even though they do nothing, they love them.  I don't mind them playing with them except when they try and take them out in public - specifically when Caroline tries to take it out in public.  Why?  Because she tries to pretend like it's real and acts like she's really talking on it or hangs it from her pocket.  Ugh!

I guess I would understand the interest if Jason and I were big phone talkers - we're not.  I'm not sure who she's mimicking.  Piper does it too!  Where are they getting this from?

I do NOT want people thinking my 7 year old has a cell phone.  I think it's obnoxious.  No 7 year old needs a cell phone and I've seen young kids on them before so it's not that far out of reality.  She tries to sneak it along with us all the time.  When we take walks, when we go to the playground, when we go to visit people that kids of similar ages - clearly she wants to show off.  Most of the time I nip it in the bud and don't let her take it with us and if she does manage to bring it along, I take it.

Yes, I know someday she will have a real cell phone, but she will not be in elementary school and when she does have one it will be STRICTLY limited/watched.   I'm still amazed when I hear stories of parents finding out their child has sent 6000 texts in a month and most of them are after midnight!

So, if you do happen to see my 7 year old with a cell phone, please note it's NOT real.  (But yes, it's still obnoxious.)

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