Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lady's Man

My IL's took the kids to a park/playground today for lunch and plenty of running around time.  Not long after they arrived, they found that the daycare/preschool that Bryce used to attend was there too.  The kids ate lunch and as soon as their teacher told them they could go play, all the little girls ran after Bryce and were hugging and kissing him.  They missed him! 

I always noticed that when I'd take him in in the mornings that the girls were happiest to see him.  Clearly there's just something about him that the ladies like.  It makes me wonder if it will be the same way in kindergarten. 

He's such a handsome little dude, I can understand why they like him.  He's usually so smiley and talkative.  Such a charmer!  I wonder when he'll stop liking all the girl attention? 


Heather said...

He is a ladies man! Such a cutie!

Heather said... are all your kids! (cuties, that is)