Thursday, August 04, 2011

I Know, Right?

Caroline is growing up before our eyes.  She just looks older these days and is doing so many things that I am proud of.  After a rocky late winter/early spring, she's really mellowed lately.  She's taking on more responsibilities as well and I'm always so amazed at her ability to handle more mature tasks.  She's been going to an art camp at the local community college this week and LOVING it.  She's gets up by her alarm clock at 7am each morning, takes a shower (in my shower), and gets herself all ready before I leave for work.  And you can tell she's pleased with herself too.  She looks so nicely groomed, her hair looks nice and she just is so pulled together.  I tell her how proud I am of her on a regular basis.

But one of the funny things I've noticed lately is the way she speaks.  Over the last year I've heard her speech peppered with words like "PSYCH!" (remember that?)  and other kinds of kid sayings.  Well her newest one is, "I know, right?"  Here's an example:

Caroline:  A girl in my American girl camp had highlights in her hair.

Me:  Oh yeah?  Well, your hair looks like it's highlighted because of all the different colors of blond.

Caroline (with a big smile on her face):  I know, right?


And then yesterday when I picked her up from camp she was so proud to show me that she figured out how to blow bubbles with her gum.  I find this particularly funny given how around the age of 2 she was scared of bubble gum.  I got a big smile looking back at her in the rear view mirror blowing bubbles.  She's just growing up so fast.


Erin said...

LOL! Ben says, "I know, right?" too and it cracks me up EVERY time. They are getting so old!!!!!

Heather said...

WoW. I just can't believe it. She's a big kid already. WoW. It won't be long before you're posting her wedding photos, no, wait...its going too fast!