Friday, August 26, 2011

Gray Icing?

Last night as I sat ordering my groceries, I called Bryce in and asked him what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday.  He wants a lemon cake with vanilla icing.  But, he wants me to dye the icing black.  Yes, black.  I told him I didn't think I had enough food coloring for true black icing so he said, "That's okay, you can just make it gray."  Oh yum.

He says that black is his favorite color right now and that's why he wants black icing, much like Piper had purple icing. I don't know how enthused I am about eating lemon cake with gray icing.  Frankly, how will I even make gray icing with green, blue, red, and yellow food coloring?  All I can think back to is that armadillo grooms cake from the movie Steel Magnolias.  How in the world do you make gray icing?


Katie said...

I think you could get a shade of gray by attempting to make purple/lilac and just experimenting-- might be a purple/gray.

Viv said...

I would go to Cake Cottage in Perry Hall Shopping center and get black icing :) He is the birthday boy ya know - and maybe without a special Pirate day, doesn't he deserve black icing? ;) (lol!) You should not tell him about it and suprise him with black icing :)

I can't wait to hear about the colored mouth (and other things) that come from black icing ;)

Unknown said...

Wilton sells icing gels and you can make a black icing. Although, I have made it and if you use too much it taste really nasty.