Monday, August 22, 2011

Damn It, Irene!

Booooooo!  So it looks like Baltimore is going to get whatever is left of Hurricane Irene this weekend.  (As if we haven't had enough rainy weekends this past month.)  The current projections having it hitting the SC coast on Saturday morning as a category 3 storm.  Scary.  And it will move north from there.  Clearly by the time it hits us, it could still be a decent storm and do some damage.  I'm a bit nervous remembering Hurricane Isabel 8 years ago.  But in addition to that, it will most definitely wash out our celebration of Bryce's birthday on Sunday.  Clearly the pirate ship can't sail in a hurricane and we'll get a rain check. 

Makes me wonder, if the storm packs a punch anything similar to Isabel what the aftermath could be like too for the first day of school on Monday.  I certainly hope not!  4 days without power was bad enough in 2003 and that was before kids.  And being without power is nothing compared to what some people had to deal with not so far from our house. 

Here's hoping the storm path changes significantly in the next few days although I'm doubtful based on the different computer models all being fairly similar.

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Katie said...

I didn't even realize there was a hurricane a comin' until you posted on fb.

I'm still waiting to see. I don't like early storm predictions. Charleston hasn't had a direct hit since Hugo in 89. If it does hit Charleston, I am relieved that my MIL is not around to see it. It would have been difficult with the hospice. If she had been healthy, she would have already evacuated by now. She dreaded hurricanes and was fortunate not to experience any down there.