Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to School

We had back to school night/meet your teacher night at Caroline and Bryce's school last night (yes, I will have TWO kids in real school this year - so weird!).  But in a way, it was also for Piper.  She'll be going to their school once a week for speech therapy with the ever so nice, Ms. Patty.  We took Caroline to her room to meet Ms. A and see her classroom.  I have VERY high hopes for Ms. A!  I liked her immediately.  Ms. A is younger than Jason and I and is very with it.  We also found out that after trying out the "mixed" classes last year where the administration mixed kids of all learning levels together in one class, they went back to the old model where the kids are placed in classes depending on their level.  Caroline will be in the higher achieving group and you can tell from the group we saw last night, that it's going to be different than past years.  I think she'll be challenged and really like her class - it's predominantly girls although our neighbor, Joey, is in the class which is a good thing too.

Then as we were walking down to Bryce's classroom, we bumped into Ms. Patty who had met Piper once before and greeted her. Piper was SOOO excited.  She was jumping around and all giggly.  Ms. Patty showed us her new speech room and Piper was so happy.  It's a small office/workspace with light blue walls and clouds painted all over it.  It also had a table and Piper went right over to it an asked which chair was hers.  It almost made me cry because she's sooooo ready to go to big school like her siblings.  Hopefully, with speech once a week and with doing more outings with her grandmothers by herself at the library and nature center, she'll be getting what she needs.

Then we went down to see good old Ms. R in kindergarten! It was a little hectic in there as you would expect in kindergarten and Bryce kind of ran around like a maniac.  (As did Piper.)  But he was really excited/nervous, so I understood.  Ms. R was happy to see us and couldn't get over how much Caroline's changed since her kindergarten days.

We also had a quick visit with Caroline's first grade teacher, Ms. B.  I just loved Ms. B and was so glad to see her since she had to leave the school year a little early last year to have surgery.  I already have my fingers crossed that Bryce will get her next year.

So all in all, it was  good night.  Nice to be recognized by all the specials teachers and administrators too!  Here's hoping we have another good year.

An interesting side note - our county is finally going over to electronic payment for school lunches.  Kids have been using "debit" cards for years but the only way to put money on was by sending in cash/check to the cafeteria.  But this year we will be able to add money online!  It's about time!  Not that the kids buy lunch very often,  (almost $3 a lunch) but they like to do it from time to time.

Oh we got a revised school supply list in the summer - they had to take off all the tissues, hand sanitizer, and plastic baggie requests.  Apparently the county passed a policy that you can't put them on the school supply list anymore.  Now I'm sure the teachers will be shelling more of their own money out of their pockets for those items.  I talked to both Ms. R and Ms. A and will be supplying tissues and baggies for them.  Although I'm fairly anti-hand sanitizer so I will NOT be bringing that.  While it has it's purpose, I think it's overused in schools now (Ms. A agreed with me).  Caroline always has sandpaper hands in the winter because she used it so much!  Hopefully not this year.

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