Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Our 4th of July

Just a smattering of photos from the weekend.  It was a busy July 4th weekend and it went by super fast.  Hard to believe our week at the beach is almost here too.  Where does the time go?

Saturday we got some things done around the house and then spent the evening with our neighbors and their kids.  We grilled and chatted while the kids ran around like crazy.  Then the men set off a bunch of ground based fireworks for the kids.  However, it seemed like everyone else in the neighborhood had gone to Pennsylvania to get some illegal fireworks because every where you looked, there were mini-fireworks shows.  The kids loved it and we kind of appreciated the fact that the kids were getting a thrill without us having to drive anywhere or sit in traffic.  We all got devoured by mosquitoes though - even with bug spray.

Then on Sunday we headed over to my mom's for her family and friends 4th of July party (on July 3rd).  I love a party on a day where you don't have to go to work the next day. My family along with my ILs (and my SIL's ILs) and some other close family friends meant lots of people were in the pool to get some relief from the July heat.  Zoe and Taki were there and that meant the kids were NOT bored!  Hooray! 

Piper plays horsie with Bertie

The 2003 girls are growing up too fast!
We even had a mini pre-birthday celebration for Piper since her birthday is so close and not everyone will get to see her again before her big day.  Plus, I knew she'd want everyone to see her purple cake that she's been asking for for the last 3 months.  When I ask her what she wants for her birthday, the only thing she says is "a purple cake!"  We haven't given her her gifts yet (um, no idea what to even get her, she has everything!), but the cake was a big hit.  She even helped me to make it early on Sunday morning.  It's hard to make cake/icing a bright purple with food coloring so it's kind of a weird grayish purple, but she didn't seem to care.

Bryce and Taki eye the desserts
Piper snuggles her new baby Snow White

Almost 3!!
Purple cake, inside and out
Typical Piper and one of her many faces


Viv said...

We have had our share of purple cakes around here (Makenzie's favorite color since she was 1!) I found that using white icing then spraying with purple icing spray (bought at Cake Cottage) is the best) - works well for Ravens desserts too! Or Cake Cottage also sells purple icing. Or another idea is cupcake with white icing and then rolled in purple sugar to make gilttery purple :) Love it!

Bracken said...

she is simply precious. I love the last picture with her facial expression. Too cute. Looks like it was a great weekend for all.