Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Hope I'm the Goalie

Jason has officially signed Bryce up for soccer clinic that starts next week.  He'll practice twice a week through August and then they'll start having games.  There are only 2 teams and clearly it's not really competitive. 

I've always said that if Jason wanted the kids to play sports, the ball (ha ha) was in his court.  Not that I don't want the kids to play sports, it's just not something that I ever did nor is it something that I know much about.  I'm not against it at all, but I know that kids can grow up happy and healthy without playing an organized sport and if left up to me, I would never initiate it myself.  However, Jason did organized sports growing up and I know how much he enjoyed them and got out of them and I know he wants to share them with his kids, which I think is great.  (I plan all their other activities based on what I know about them and their interests so it only makes sense that my more athletically inclined partner would handle the sports.) 

When Jason got home from work and told Bryce that he would be registering him for soccer that night, Bryce went bonkers!  He was sooooooooo excited!  Jason had already told him about it a few weeks ago but now that it was going to officially happen, he was psyched!  (When we asked Caroline if she wanted to play soccer she responded, "Why in the world would I want to do anything like that?"  HA!  Her mother's daughter!)  When I got home from work, Bryce was still bouncing off the walls and the first thing he said to me was, "I hope I get to be the goalie!"  And then after Jason got him registered and told him he'd need to take him out this weekend and buy him cleats and shin guards, Bryce asked about buying him goalie gloves. 

If you haven't guessed it already, Jason played goalie for a large portion of his soccer career and Bryce wants to follow in his footsteps.  Every time he mentions playing goalie, it just warms my heart.  I love how much he wants to be like his dad!

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Katie said...

Yes!!!!!!!!! Go Bryce!
C'mon Caroline-- soccer is fun!

Maybe you should come play with me Erika!!!