Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Work Update

Just have to get through this crazy week. Things at home are mostly normal, but work is a bit nuts this week which makes me a bit stressed at home.  Lots of meetings (the one today was from 9-4) in addition to having to maintain my regular duties - I've hardly been in my office.  Then I took off tomorrow weeks ago, for Caroline's field day, before knowing the craziness of this week which adds to my stress of accomplishing everything and then on Thursday I'm out all day to attend a training session on the academic advising module in Peoplesoft that I will be taking over in my new position.  Thankfully, Friday will be a normal day in my soon to be old office.

June 24 is my official move date to my new office.  As it gets closer, it hardly seems possible that I will be completely relinquishing about 90% of my current duties for a new position.  My new supervisor, who I totally click with, has been involving me in everything which is such a change from my current supervisor. I even got to pick out my new office's paint color (a light grayish blue called "Upward") and had some say in the carpet.  (Not something I ever expected.)  And then this week in the meetings I've been in to negotiate the future of our MBA program, I've been working with my new supervisor and the Registrar (her supervisor) and I can't even tell you how much I like him! I really couldn't be moving into a better office.

It will probably be rocky at first.  I won't move into my real office until mid-July because there are people in my current office that have to move and then they have to, ahem, do asbestos removal (um, YAY?) and then repaint/recarpet.  So I will be in a temporary office and probably not have fully assigned tasks right away and will be answering a lot of questions and forwarding a lot of emails and phone calls back to admissions since my contact information won't change, just my job/title.

And after being in my current office for 7 1/2 years, there will definitely be changes. I will miss 2 of the women I've worked with very much - I feel like they've been my work mothers - always checking on me and making sure I get out of the door on time.  They've always been so sweet to me and my kids - it will be weird not seeing them every day.

I will be so happy when it's Thursday night and the weekend is upon us again.  The heat is coming again and I want to take the kids swimming!  It's summer, for pete's sake!


Bracken said...

Did you change your blog, because it is now iPhone friendly?

Good luck with all the stuff at work...thinking about you.

Erika said...

Yes, Bracken, I turned "on" Blogger's mobile settings. So if you read from your phone, it is in the mobile format. :)