Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The (Almost) 3 Year Old's Speech

It was determined yesterday that Piper still qualifies for speech therapy solely based on her articulation issues.  YAY!  I was given the choice between an IFSP (continuing with in-home services from the Infants/Toddlers program) or an IEP (going to our elementary school for services from the SLP on staff).  I wasn't 100% on the decision to make but I was leaning in the IEP direction because I think Piper will do better in that setting.  In addition, I have already met the SLP at the school and have heard such glowing things about her that I just know this is the best option for her.

Then in the afternoon, I emailed Piper's current SLP, Ms. Kate to discuss setting up the sessions at our house through when Piper turns 3 and I told her what we decided to do.  She said that she is one of the few SLPs that is an elementary SLP and works for Infant/Toddlers so she knows both sides well and that while she couldn't give me any advice on making the decision (unless I'd asked), she said that she would have recommended exactly what we decided!  I felt so validated.  How often in life do we hope we are making the right decision for our children and then agonize over it once it's made?  And while she won't start sessions until the fall, it's just so nice to get the "expert" opinion agreeing with mine.

Piper seems excited about it too because she thinks she's going "to school" and to her, it will be like going to school, even if it's only one day a week for an hour.  It's hard to believe that pre-school is only a year away.  Kind of scares me actually that I'm so close to having all 3 kids in "real" school.  I think because Piper will be one of the youngest kids in her class as opposed to Caroline and Bryce being some of the oldest, it just feels like she's just so little.  But knowing Piper, she will be READY to go to school when the time comes.  She's been watching her siblings go to school her whole life and I think she's ready to join in.


Lisa :) said...

My son did the same thing that you are doing with Piper. He actually went to a center for Infants/Toddlers and then when he turned 3 we went to our local school. They offered a pre-school and Chris attended that as well and the speech teacher would come and get him from class and work with him. He actually continued with her until 3rd grade. He was a December baby and was always the youngest in his grade. He did well with school and now attends college. It all works our in the end. :-)

Heather said...

That's wonderful news! She's sure to love it! What a big girl she is...