Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sibling Bonds

Growing up as the oldest of 3, I know how sibling relationships go.  Generally, it's not the norm that all 3 kids play together happily.  I mean, it does happen, yes, but usually it's 2 kids playing well together and the 3rd either isn't playing or is on the outs.  And now that Piper is getting older and more into sibling interaction, it's changing the order of things.

When I was a kid, my sister and I played together or my brother and sister played together.  We'd all 3 play together sometimes, but quite often it was a pairs thing.  My brother and I rarely played together although we were only 3 years apart - I'd venture to say that we're closer now.  It was much the same in Jason's family.  Jason and his younger sister played or Kelly and Jeremy played - Jason and Jeremy didn't do a lot together.  Must be something about the first and third sibling?  I also know that as the oldest I was NEVER the odd man out.  Chrissa and I would gang up on Kevin frequently trying to be his other mother and then sometimes Kevin and I would gang up on Chrissa because we knew how to push her buttons and we had the same sense of humor.  I can really only remember once or twice where Chrissa and Kevin ganged up on me.  I guess I was a bit of an instigator.  I believe Jason was an instigator as well.  Maybe an oldest child thing?

In our family,  Caroline and Bryce have always been each others best friend and worst enemy depending on the situation.  They really don't know life without one another since they are only 21 months apart.  And now, as Piper gets closer to 3 (when did that happen?), I'm happy to see that Caroline and Piper are having their own sister moments.  Piper mimics a lot of things Caroline does and Caroline likes influencing her.  For the most part though, Bryce and Piper have only fought and wrestled.  It gets me wondering if they would be the "siblings that don't mix" like me and my brother or Jason and his brother.  The jury is still out on that, but this morning I saw a little bit of something that made me happy.

Caroline, at the ripe age of 7 1/2 is now starting to sleep in on the weekends.  We're only talking 8 or 8:30, but that's a big difference from 6:30.  However, her siblings still like to get up early and are not shy about it.  Many times they have woken her up and she gets down right nasty about it after she comes downstairs, I think, to avenge her lost sleep.  This morning was no different when the two little jokers decided to play hide and seek and run in and out of rooms slamming doors.  They were happy and laughing and it was cute hearing them call out to one another.  I was rather enjoying hearing their interaction - Caroline did not.  When she stormed downstairs awake before she wanted to be, she started saying mean things and then retreated to the family room to listen to her music player until breakfast.  When breakfast was ready, she got mad at Bryce about something and started saying mean things to him.  I told her to knock it off and for the 2 of them to stop talking to one another.  Caroline uttered something else and Piper pipes up "Caroline!  LEAVE BRYCE ALONE! LEAVE BRYCE ALONE!"

I could tell Bryce appreciated it and I hope it's the beginning of things to come for those two.  They are both fairly ornery and it should be interesting what the 2 of them get into together.

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