Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Same Age

Piper is officially the same age Bryce was when she was born - just a month and a half shy of turning 3.  My goodness!  It doesn't seem possible - she is a BABY!

Well, I know she's not a baby but she's still sooooo little. She's such a funny little kid too.  She talks all the time now which is such a change from just a year ago.  It's still a little hard to understand her if you're not fluent in Piper-speak, but that is coming along too.  We have our 3 year transition meeting next week to determine if she is still eligible for speech services - while I still think she could use speech therapy for articulation, I will understand if she doesn't make the cut off.  I'm sure that if she's still having any issues when she goes to school, she'll be seeing the SLP.  But you never know, they might still think she qualifies and if she does, I'm hoping to transition her to the SLP at Caroline's school because she's phenomenal.

In other Piper news, she says "What the heck?" a lot and in such a funny way, it makes me laugh every single time.  She likes to play "mommy pig, daddy pig, and baby pig" at bedtime each night gives us a little bit of trouble at bedtime each evening playing around in her room.

Potty training will be happening as soon as school is out for her siblings - she knows what to do, it's just a matter of consistently enforcing it to get her into good habits.  Her siblings weren't trained until well after 3 so I'm hoping she'll be my record breaker.

Piper is currently going through her early waking stage like Caroline did at this age.  She's often up by 5:30 on weekdays.  On weekends it's about 6:30.  Jason is quiet when he's up at that time, but it's like they want to wake up that early and listen for him.  Thankfully, I'm up at 5:30 most weekdays now so it's not as annoying as it was with Caroline.

I'm sure you remember the craziness of Piper's swimming from last year, well, it seems natural development has reared it's ugly head and it's like she forgot how to swim.  Although I think it's the natural development of fear that has taken over and last year it was a lack thereof.  As long as she has her swimmies on, she has no fear but when you take them off and tell her to try swimming, she just isn't doing what she did last summer.  It makes me sad, actually.  But I had an inkling that it might be like that when she started getting weird about putting her face in the water in the tub.  I seriously have considered showing her the video of her swimming from last year to see if she'd remember but then, I also realize now how nice it is that all 3 kids can be in the pool and I can sit and watch.  Last year, Piper wanted NOTHING to do with any flotation device and wanted to be in the pool constantly, so you had to be in with her.  We'll get her swimming just like her siblings.  Caroline is a bona fide mermaid and Bryce has gotten his sea legs back.  He's much more timid than Caroline in that he isn't a deep diver or under water swimmer, but he does pretty well which is saying something considering how phobic he was last year about swimming without swimmies.

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