Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Need Reward Suggestions

Okay fellow parents, I need reward ideas for my kids for summer to reward them for chores around the house.  I've got a list of about 6 things right now, but I need more.  I'd prefer non-material rewards although I do have snowball/Ritas/or Slurpee as one of the prizes since I know how much they love them.  So bloggy readers, fire away in my comments section!

I'll post my entire list when I'm done with it.  :)


Viv said...

As much as I know this will pain you to do since you & Jay love post bedtime quiet, how about a reward of staying up later on certain nights (Friday & Saturday maybe to help with your early weekday mornings) This may also help with sleeping in on weekend mornings if they are up later the night before.

Erika said...

:) I actually did put that on my list! (I know, can you believe it?) Although, unfortunately for my kids, staying up later doesn't make them sleep later unless they were to stay up SUPER late, which isn't happening. But, it does make them feel special to stay up late! Even if it's only until 9 or 9:30pm.

Heather said...

OK two thoughts---1. my parents never rewarded for chores because they sat us down and said that we are part of the family and it is expected we will contribute to the upkeep of the household. SO, not sure if that would work for you or not...I kind of feel like once you start rewarding for chores, you always have to. We just knew it was expected of us and that was that. If we didn't do our chores, we'd have consequences, but no rewards for doing them. We definitely had a little "healthy fear" of my dad though, so we did our chores!

And 2. To teach us money responsibility, we were given an allowance (not connected to chores or anything) on Mondays. The catch--we'd have to go to my dad and say, "It's Money Monday." If we forgot, we didn't get paid until the following week (if we asked). Sometimes one of us would remember and the other would forget---we went on like that for awhile before we got smart--Meghan and I--and then we'd team up and remind each other! So I guess you could say it helped us bond too!

And finally, these are some reward ideas for whatever you choose to use them for: A mommy-and-me day/hour or a daddy-and-me day/hour (kids love one on one time with their parents!); a trip to a special park/playground/library; a sleepover at grandparent's house; make your own ice-cream sundaes; "breakfast for dinner" one night; go to work with Mommy or with Daddy; a special "take out" dinner (McDonald's, Panera etc.); invite another child over to play; make your own playdough, bubbles etc. craft project; swim time at Bertie's house; and ASK your kids...they are sure to come up with some ideas!

Heather said...

...that was totally 3 thoughts...sorry! I can't count!