Thursday, June 16, 2011

Need Book Recommendations

I struggle with finding books to read for pleasure.  I find a good book, devour it, and then have nothing new to start on next.  I know I want to read The Help this summer, but that's about all I've got.  I really like friendship stories, kind of like the Ya Ya Sisterhood books.  I was a huge Anne of Green Gables fan as a kid and read every single Lucy Maud Montgomery book she ever wrote.  I've read, and reread, all the Harry Potter books.  So now I just need some new recommendations, oh and I need to go to the library.  I feel all old skool going to the library.  I love the library and wonder if someday they will be obsolete.  I love the way they smell and feel. 

So give me your summer reading recommendations!


Viv said...

You might not like what I read but here's my suggestions:
~ James Patterson - Alex Cross series or Lindsey Boxer series (he write short chapters which are easy to get through - I hate long chapters if you don't have a lot of time to read all at once)
~ Jennifer Lancaster - mainly non-fiction but just released a fiction book that I am reading now
~ Chelsea Handler book - way too funny and easy to put down and pick right back up (good for beach reading)

I have some more but I can't remember the authors ...... I'll be back with more............

Viv said...

BTW I love the library too - no nook, kindle or e-readers here. I need cheap and easy reading. Plus nothing is better than turn the pages of a book (plus I've been told it's hard to re-read pages with e-reader devices since you have to flip page by page and that's very annoying and not very fast)

And just a tip the Perry Hall lib has a drive through window for returns of course and pick ups so you can reserve a book for free on line and they will when the book is there then you have a week to drive over and get it - never stepping inside the lib. - GREAT SERVICE! (and Wii games can be reserved for no cost and y ou can keep them for 3 weeks too - just a tip for summertime rainy days)

Heather said...

From my friend, a Media Specialist (librarian)...who knows all the good books:

Kristin Hannah- night road and firefly lane

Kris Radish- Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral

How about Jodi piccoult? If you haven't read My Sisters Keeper, that was my favorite but most of them are good.

Kim Edwards Lake of Dreams
These two might not be for everyone but I enjoyed them:
The Leisure Seeker
Making Rounds with Oscar

Water for Elephants- good if u like the read a book, then rent the movie theme

Katie said...

What about the Girl with Dragon Tattoo books?? I haven't read them, but I have *heard* of people liking that series.