Thursday, June 23, 2011


It's been a weird day so far.  I'm in my job, but not my new office.  I'll be getting moved around a bit until my new office is renovated.  But in all that chaos of things being moved around (including a small electrical fire down the hall), Jason called with some bad news. 

In recent weeks, Caroline has started taking (long) showers in the hallway (kids) bathroom.  For the past 8 years, that bathroom has mostly only been used for baths with the occasional shower.  A few months ago, we noticed a discoloration on the ceiling of the playroom but it was dry so we figured it was some freak thing since it was small and dry.  Well, it must have been the result of a random shower from above because now that Caroline is showering in there daily, it's a complete mess.  Clearly, this is probably one of those things that was never hooked up right by the builder and we didn't catch it because of not showering in there.

I haven't seen it yet, but Jason is home waiting for the homeowner's insurance adjusters to come and take a look.  He said that almost the entire playroom ceiling is wet, the carpet in Bryce's room is a mess (in the corner where his bed is next to the shower wall), and even Bryce's bed frame that has been sitting in the carpet muck we didn't know about is messed up.  Jason thinks the whole ceiling in the playroom will need to be replaced (it's a tray ceiling meant for a dining room, so not a normal ceiling) and probably Bryce's wall and carpet.  I'm worried about the bed - I love that bed!  It figures it's Bryce's bed too because his is the only one we've bought and spent good money on. 

So when I leave here today, I get the joy of seeing the wreck that is my house.  Although, at least I have a house and it's not any worse than it could be. I'm thinking this will delay Piper's purple room painting I wanted to do as our next house project. 


Katie said...

Oh no! This is terrible, but it will get fixed. Any mold? Hopefully not.

Bracken said...

I am so sorry Erika, what a mess. Hopefully it isn't too bad and you can save Bryce's bed. Fingers crossed for you!!!