Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mess Continued

My house is a white noise machine.  We have blowers blowing in 4 rooms of the house, gigantic dehumidifiers and humming in 3 rooms.  It's loud.  We can't hear each other.  The kids are louder and acting up.  I have holes in my walls and ceilings.  The carpet is ripped up in 2 room with blowers blowing underneath.  And we can't turn any of the blowers off for fear that if we don't do exactly as the clean up company says, we could somehow violate our homeowner's insurance's coverage.  My house is a wreck.  An absolute wreck.  The kids are making bigger messes in the places they are allowed to play.  We need groceries.  The kids are bored.

And to add insult to injury, the plumber was here this morning and he found nothing wrong with pipes.  Nothing. It seems that Caroline's recent shower habit is to blame.  Somehow, she was funneling water out of the tub down the side and it was going right into this little crack that was then funneling the water into Bryce's room, the playroom, and down to the basement.  Now we wait to hear from the adjuster to find out if, because "we" caused it, if anything is covered.  If it's covered, we'll get estimates on fixing all the carpet and walls by a contractor.  If not, we'll be seeing if we can get my brother (a former contractor) to do the work - and yes, we'd pay him.

Right now, I just want some peace and quiet.  I really want to cry because of the noise in my house.

I'm thankful that in the grand scheme the damage is minor but it doesn't make it any less frustrating.  Clearly, Caroline's shower habit is done.  She'll either be bathing or taking a shower in our shower.  I don't care if it makes her feel grown up to take on in her bathroom.  That bath tub as a shower is pretty much off limits forever, as far as I'm concerned.


Katie said...

This is such a bummer, but it was an accident. Hopefully they can seal that crack up and you can use the shower in the future without any problems. (& hopefully your homeowners will cover it... it was a default in workmanship/caulking that caused the problem)

Bracken said...

I am so sorry you are going through this. It seems a little odd that so much mess could come from Caroline spilling water over, but in the end I agree with Katie that hopefully your homeowners covers it because there was at least default in the caulking.

Thinking of you.

Lisa :) said...

I know all about those fans. When my hot water decided to give us an indoor pool in our basement (the morning we were supposed to leave for vacation-ended up not going) we had ServPro come in with about 6 of those things. They ended up having to run an extension cord from our mudroom (which they unplugged the dryer and had to use that outlet) down the basement steps. It ended up frying our outlet. Not realizing until we could've had a house fire from the faulty outlet. It was the week from h**l! In that same week, we had a whole house surge from a lightning storm. We lost our air and had to have it repaired and I chipped a tooth and had to have it fixed. Nice vacation. Anyway. I hope all works out for you and it is covered by insurance. Aren't kids just a blast!? I always tease my kids that when they have their own places I am going to be the human wrecking ball at their house. I also hate to tell never gets better!