Saturday, June 18, 2011

Last Day of School

Caroline is a first grader no more! I thought it was so cute that she decided to wear the same dress on her last day as she did last year. Here are yesterday's photos:

And here are last year's:

She chose much more appropriate shoes this year, you think?  In fact, she didn't even remember wearing those ratty old shoes last year, but it certainly is a hoot now.  When I told her about it she was almost embarrassed for her former self (as I predicted!).   You can see how much she's grown and how much she's growing up/changing.  Sniff.  I doubt she'll be able to wear the dress next year. (And thank goodness for no black eye this year.)

She had a truly perfect report card which made me cry because the comments from her teacher were so wonderful.  Her report cards had been stellar all year but I couldn't believe how good it was for the final quarter.  She just makes me so proud and we let her know it.

Last night she had her first friend sleepover at our neighbor's house with their daughter who is a year younger. We know our neighbors really well so it was a no brainer.  Caroline and Sophia get along so well and it's cute to see how well they get along.  I can't wait to hear how the night went.  It's 9:30 and I haven't heard anything yet, I'm guessing she's talking all their ears off.


Bracken said...

Wow, it is amazing to look at the two pictures...outside of the black eye and shoes, you can see how she has grown up and matured.

Heather said...

If you squint at that top photo, you can see her high school graduation photo peeking through...don't squint too long though, the time will come soon enough.