Monday, June 27, 2011

Dried Out

Thank you for your kind words of concern.  I think I blogged that at my lowest point.  After blogging though, Jason and I got our acts together, he went to the farm/store and I got the house picked up as best I could.  We also invited my SIL, Kelly, and her husband, Jesse over.  Jesse's daughter, Lydia, is visiting and the kids adore her, so I figured it would be a nice visit since Kelly had already seen my house in its crazy state (and I know she doesn't care).  I think that got me out of my rut and got the kids focused on something happening later, which always helps.

Jason also brought some fun treats home from the grocery store (GIGANTIC marshmallows!) and that got the kids alllll kinds of jazzed up.  It was a nice evening with K, J, and L and the kids were good too.  Completely diverted my attention from the internal chaos.  We also opted to turn the blowers off because everything felt pretty dry, but we did leave the humidifiers on because they are the ones with the "read out" capability.  Turning those blowers off made it a bit quieter and helped my sanity.

Yesterday, after Jason brewed a batch of beer, we headed to my mom's for swimming.  The kids swam their energy out and my mom decided to keep them over night since she would have them on Monday (today).  We got to go home, water outdoor plants, clean up (as much as possible), and watch the season premiere of True Blood.  (Oh joy!)  Jason was leaving work early to meet ServPro this afternoon to collect all the blowers and such and move onto the next step in whatever this insurance fun will be.

Bryce continues to sleep on his mattress on the floor of Caroline's room.  At first they were both insisting on sleeping in Caroline's bed together but I figured he'd wear out his welcome quickly and once we gave him his own little nest in her room, he was happy.  We'll probably have a hard time separating them once his room is back to normal. 

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Heather said...

Oh that sucks. Where are you now in the whole process? And to think its not the pipes at all!? I kind of wish it was the pipes. Poor Caroline...I remember when my sister started taking hour long dad would turn off the hot water after a set amt. of time just to get her out of there! Ha.