Saturday, June 04, 2011

A Dream Come True

Last night was the talent show at Caroline's school and she performed "Twinkle, Twinkle" on the keyboard.

We were so proud of her.  She came out on stage, was patient while they got everything ready and then played it perfectly.  It should  be noted, as I've said before, that Caroline figured this song out on her own on a little keyboard we have at home.  She was very proud of herself and so were we.  I was so happy to have been able to scoot up front to get a good spot to tape her whole performance - I love the expressions on her face throughout the whole video.  I wonder if she knows she had her tongue out in concentration while she was playing?

My parents and Jason's parents were in attendance and we were all just so proud.  You could tell how much Caroline enjoyed the entire experience and at the end when the whole group came out and sang "Never Say Never", it was adorable watching her sing on stage and all her expressions. (I videoed that too but it's a bit shaky and people kept getting in my way.)  When we got home, Jason asked her if she had a good time and she said, "Yes, it was a dream come true!"  I have always thought that Caroline had a future on the stage in some manner - I'd like to see her get into theater at some point as she's enjoyed seeing her Aunt Kelly and Uncle Kevin's stage productions at the high school where they teach.

The other side show of the night was Piper.  Midway through the first half of the show, she got out in the aisle and started bopping.  After a few minutes she started kind of clapping and a few minutes later, full on dancing.  At that point, I was way more entertained by her antics than what was going on on stage.  Unfortunately, my video camera isn't so great in low light so I didn't get any of it, but it was adorable.  Clearly, in her almost 3 years of life, she's watched a LOT of singing and dancing, so I'm not surprised.  At one point, I looked over at her and she as twirling and putting her hands through her hair - mimicking what some girls were doing on stage.  My mom, MIL, and I had quite a few laughs over that performance!

And here are a few shots from pre-show - Caroline just looked so pretty and grown up (yes, I let her wear a little bit of pink lip gloss - she was in heaven!)  And those are her very special earrings from Italy:

Typical Bryce - not wanting a photo and trying to look tough.  He asked for a fauxhawk and was quite proud of it.

MeeMaw, this is the dress you sent home to Caroline this fall, she's been waiting to wear it!


Bracken said...

Way a great job and wonderful memories. She did so well and was just adorable.

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Viv said...

So great - what a fun night! BTW I love C's hair!