Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chair Sleeper

Poor Piper!  Tuesday night, she woke up crying and when we went in (each of us separately) we rocked her and tried to put her back in her bed like we usually do when she wakes up.  But, she would NOT get back in her bed.  Jason thought she was asleep and put her down and she ran back to her rocking chair and said she wanted to sleep there.  Apparently, she told him that there were spiders in her bed. We're pretty sure she just had an intense dream.  So, because we were sleep deprived and it was her 2nd time of the night up, and we didn't want to wake the older kids, Jason let her curl up in the chair and that's where she slept all night.  I couldn't believe it when I looked in the next morning and saw her curled up in that chair. It's really not very comfortable and the seat isn't very big, but I guess when you're not quite 3 years old and it's got some cushioning to it, it's enough.  After she woke up, she talked about the spiders and we discussed how it was a dream and her bed is clear of spiders.  She laughed about it and said she would sleep in her bed that night.  She took her nap there without problems.  And when my ILs took the kids out to the movies, they stopped in at Ikea and picked up a SPÖKA.  Caroline and Bryce each have one (a blue and green) and they've been good little night lights for the past few years.  Well, they've updated them and now they turn a variety of colors or you can freeze a color.  Piper, of course, picked the one that can be pink, purple, red, or orange. 

Bedtime came and she balked. She didn't want to get into her bed.  She didn't want to go to bed either, so we let her read with the lights on.  When we went up to bed at 10pm, there she was, light on and sleeping in her rocking chair looking even more uncomfortable than she had the night before.  I picked her up and she cried and I rocked her.  Within seconds she had relaxed again and was asleep enough to put in her bed.  Thankfully, even though she roused a little, she didn't fight the bed.  I'm thinking it just felt really good after being in that chair! She slept the whole night and was her happy self when she woke up this morning. 


In other Piper news, she's always been a lovey kid and tells you how much she loves you, how much she misses/missed you, and gives lots of hugs and kisses.  But just yesterday she started saying, "I like you too!" without prompting.  It's funny because of using the word "like" as opposed to love and adding "too" on as though she's responding to you.  I think she said "I like you too!" to me about 4 times this morning.  She's just such a funny little kid! 

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Viv said...

I hope you snapped a pic of her sleeping in the chair!