Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wrapped Around Her Finger

While I know how much Jason loves each of the kids (and there's something a little bit different about the relationship he has with each of them), lately his relationship with Piper has been interesting.  He's been having a lot of trouble being stern with her because when he'll correct or reprimand her, she'll make a face that makes him laugh uncontrollably.  Last night she started banging her spoon on the table and when he started to tell her to stop, she froze and made this face that made him turn red and start shaking - he was trying so hard not to laugh.  And of course, when that happens the other two kids start laughing too and Piper thinks she's hilarious.  Oh man.  He really tries and has never really had that much of an issue with this with Caroline or Bryce but with Piper, it's just different.  Oh the faces that little girl makes!  She says the funniest things sometimes too. 

I know she's the baby, but the spunk that little girl has is infectious.  Caroline is Jason's big, mature girl who he has interesting discussions with, Bryce is his bud (forever), and Piper, well, I think she's going to be the typical "Daddy's Little Girl."  It's just so interesting to see how parent/child dynamics play out especially with respect to gender and birth order. 

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