Monday, May 09, 2011

The Weekend That Was

We had a very busy Mother's Day weekend.  The weekend actually started for me on Friday because I took off work for the table delivery.  It also happened to be the same day that my parents were departing for Italy for 2 weeks so I wanted to make sure I got to see them off and run an errand with my mom.  Saturday started bright and early and Jason gave me a wonderful Mother's Day gift - he went to the dump!  We've need a dump run (and then some) for like, well over a year now and he decided to tackle that first thing on Saturday.  There are still things that need to go but some of the nagging stuff is gone.  There's a whole new clean corner in my basement.  He hinted he might even go again this weekend!  Woohoo!

Then we packed the kids up and went to Home Depot to get our gardening needs taken care of.  Bought a bunch of different varieties of tomato plants and some corn and sunflower seeds.  Since we'll be getting a lot of veggies from the CSA this summer, I just don't feel like going to the effort of growing the usual.  We usually do summer squash but had a bad year of it last year and since they grow so big and crazy and are pretty sure we'll get plenty from the CSA, we opted out.  Plus, Bryce has been itching to try his hand at growing some corn (just like my brother at his age!!!)  So we planted 7 tomato plants and planted 5 corn seeds.  We're also trying some gardening "tarp" this year since the weeding just gets so out of control.  When you have really good soil in your garden the benefit is good veggies, the downside is that weeds grow crazy too.We'll see how that works out.

I also got all my deck planters filled with various flowers so I can stop feeling cruddy about looking out at my deck and seeing dirty, empty pots.  Now they're filled with life again!  I'm growing some basil, rosemary, lemon balm, and lavender too. 

It was a good day of yardwork but all that garden soil turning gave me blisters all over my hands.  I didn't even know I was doing it until I took off my gloves.  But, I was happy with our hard work, so it didn't even bother me. 

Jason then made a nice dinner and we spent the rest of the evening outside.  Then on Sunday, I got to go shopping for just ME for 2 hours by myself.  Seriously, my spring/summer clothes were looking mighty shabby and I now have a bunch of new outfits for work and casual.  Thank goodness.  I need to use my DSW giftcards from Christmas too since I need new sandals.

When I got back, we headed up to Jason's grandmothers for the afternoon.  Normally, we spend mother's day at home so that we aren't rushing all around and trying to see both of our mom's (plus, I'm a mom too!), but this year, since my mom is out of the country, we decided to accept Jason's grandmother's invitation and spend the day with his family.  It was a nice day and the kids were introduced to Pictionary.

When we got home, though, the kids were in rare form.  They said it was HOT (74 degrees with a breeze!) and they wanted to run in the sprinkler.  Then they were bored and wanted to play with friends (all their friends were either not home or had company over).  And on and on and on - complain, complain, complain!  Finally, they found a caterpillar and they were entertained the rest of the evening.  Jason and I just sat on my new mother's day bench that they got me for mother's day and watched them. 

And the last topic of the weekend:  compost!  Along with getting a rain barrel last weekend (completely amazing how much water falls on your roof!) we also got a compostor.  We set it up on Saturday and have been starting to add things to it.  To say I've been reading a lot about it is an understatement.  And last night, well, I had this terrible anxiety dream about it. I dreamed that all these animals got into it and dragged it into the yard and made this huge mess.  I kept worrying, in my sleep, about the mix of "browns" and "greens" and how we'll make sure we do it right.  In my dream, I decided to make vegetable soup to put all the scraps in the compostor!  Ha!  Frankly, I'm still thinking about it today at work.  I ripped some newspaper last night to add to it along with the food scraps I'd added.  It's hard for me to imagine that stuff turning into the "black gold" it keeps saying it will - although I know it takes months. I honestly don't even know how much use we'll have for the actual compost other than our gardening but I like the idea of not throwing everything into the garbage or down the garbage disposal in the sink.  Okay, so that's the end of that random topic.

My day is almost over and it's been a loooooooong day for some reason.  Maybe because it's so lovely out and I'm inside.  Maybe because I'm just d.o.n.e. doing the work I'm doing right now and I'm ready to move onto more.  Maybe because I know how much stuff we've got going on in the weeks to come.  Or maybe it's all that rolled together.  I need a mood, energy and attitude adjustment STAT!


Bracken said...

I am so impressed...CSA, rain barrel and composting...look at you. I am jealous at your productivity!!!!

Bracken said...

I am so impressed...CSA, rain barrel and composting...look at you. I am jealous at your productivity!!!!

Lauren said...

Greg just bought a new composter (and Earth Machine) 2 weeks ago. We had one at our townhouse but left it there when we moved. It was too messy to move and our renter was into composting anyway, so it worked out! We put EVERYTHING in there- it's amazing how much less you throw away when you compost! And believe it or not- it WILL turn into something eventually. It just takes a while. Unfortunately, we moved before we ever got to use the "good stuff" so we're starting all over again.
And I want a rain barrel next!