Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Talent? Show

Last year, Caroline's school hosted their first ever talent show.  Caroline didn't participate but we attended and she vowed then and there that she would be in it this year.  So when the announcement came out back in March, I figured she'd audition and do something along the lines of singing since she certainly does a lot of that at home.  However, you can imagine my surprise when she said she was going to be performing 'Twinkle Twinkle' on the piano. 

A few weeks prior, she figured out how to play 'Twinkle Twinkle' on the little kiddie keyboard that we have.  She was quite proud of herself and played it over and over until she got it.  When I asked her why she chose this as her talent instead of singing she said it was because she was too embarrassed to sing/dance - which I totally understand.  Her audition was a few weeks ago and we noted that the entire week of spring break, she didn't practice one time.  The night before her audition, we asked her if she was going to practice and that if she didn't, she might not be chosen to be in the talent show.  Damned if she didn't walk right over to that keyboard play the song perfectly the first time through and then she played it again even faster.  HA!  So then next day, she went to the audition and played it.  Apparently she had a little trouble getting started but once she did, she did fine because yesterday she found out that she was in the show!  She was very excited and rehearsals start today, the show will be in early June.  So for the next few Tuesdays and then some Thursdays after school, I will be picking her up on my way home from work.

I know that in addition to practicing the performance of their talent, they'll be working on a group performance at the end too, which I know Caroline is excited about.  I'm thinking that with Caroline's interest in the piano all of a sudden that we'll probably look into lessons in the fall.  I never wanted to push a particular instrument on any of my kids but with Caroline showing hero own interest, I think it's a sign to move forward.  The only thing with a piano is the notion that if you play, you need a piano.  I mentioned something about that to my uncle who owns a musical instrument store and he said, "NOPE!  No one buys pianos any more!  No need!  They are expensive, need to be tuned, are loud, and take up a lot of space.  You just need a nice keyboard."  I'm sure a classically trained pianist would disagree, but for a kid learning to play the piano, this was what I needed to hear.  The good thing about a keyboard as well is that you can play it without disturbing anyone else in the house - earphones! 

So we'll see how Caroline's big talent show goes and if she really does want to pursue lessons.  I know one of the hardest things for me as a kid about taking violin lessons was constantly being reminded that I needed to practice.  I hated to practice.  And if Caroline decides she wants lessons and then won't practice, lessons won't last very long.  But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it...


Katie said...

Yay for piano! Emily's first recital is coming up. She is playing "Mary Had a Little Lamb.":) So far, I haven't had to remind her to practice, but I do have to practice with her and remind her of proper technique and that is challenging sometimes. She improves every week & I can't believe how much she has learned in just three months! Overall I have been pleased and Emily seems to enjoy it too. We are using our keyboard for now, but I hope to get a real piano if Emily keeps playing. The keyboard doesnt sound the same and the keys aren't weighted like a real piano. I'm sure there are keyboards out there that do a better job.

Bracken said...

Congrats Caroline!!! Was surprised to read it was piano and not singing, but still wonderful.