Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Once again proving that there is just something a little different about being the third child, Piper displayed some more of her personality on Friday at the playground at Caroline's school.  Caroline had been begging for weeks to have an afternoon where they got to stay after school and play on the playground like she sees other kids doing.  Since I was off on Friday, we planned to do that and all 3 kids were excited.  Once all the dismissal crowds died down, there were 2 other families on the playground, each with 3 kids.  The first family left leaving just us with 3 other kids who mostly were playing with one another.  The oldest of which was a girl about 9 years old.  They were a little rowdy but not really bothering my kids although I think maybe the girl might have made a face at Piper or referenced her being a baby or something.  Piper came over to me and told me she "didn't like those kids" so I told her that if they bothered her just to tell them to go away.  Piper ran off and before I knew it, the girl said something to Piper.  Again, I think it was just something like "birdy" or "baby" or something but Piper wanted none of it.  She looked right at her and yelled "STUPID!" 

I was caught off guard - I'm used to the name calling amongst my kids (and don't like it or generally stand for it) but I am not used to them calling other kids names.  Or rather, I've never had a problem with Caroline and Bryce calling other kids names. Before I even had a chance to call over to Piper, I heard the girl say something like, "Hey, did you hear what that girl called me?"  And before I could utter a word, I see Piper look at her again and yell, "STUPID!" again! 

Immediately, I called over to Piper to come to me.  I quickly straightened her out and told her if I heard any more name calling, she'd be sitting on the bench.  (The girl had clearly not been bothered and was already tackling her younger brothers on the slide so I figured an apology might not work very well, so I left it at that - she saw me reprimanding Piper.) 

Anyhow, I was just totally surprised to see how bold Piper is.  Older kids do not scare her.  She isn't the least bit intimidated.  Maybe because she doesn't see herself as a little kid.  Or maybe because she mostly only plays with older kids.  While I didn't like the name calling (especially to another kid), I did think it was an interesting perspective on Piper.  She's as sweet as can be to the other neighbor kids they play with on a regular basis.  Of course, all of those kids are really sweet to Piper and she looks up to them.  It will be interesting to see how Piper is when we get her into a program with more kids her own age.  She might lag behind a bit on speech, but she certainly makes up for it in personality.  There's no denying her that.  Now I just need to make sure she doesn't turn into a bully.  Sigh.

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Heather said...

My money is on the 9 year old calling Piper a name...that situation sounds like Piper was reacting to something. What did she say the older girl said to her or did?

...on a side note, as the "Anti-Bullying Specialist" (good ol' Gov. Christie gave me that title), I would have to write a report about that incident and submit it to the BOE for review. I would have to document what disciplinary action was taken. It would be about 10 pages of paperwork...but, you say, it happened after school? Does not matter! Oh, I even have to write reports about name-calling that happens on the weekends...or after school NOT on school property. Gotta love Gov. Christie!