Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Smell the Bertie Air

My parents have been in Italy for almost 2 weeks - they return on Friday.  So we've (Jason) has been going to their house to check on things and empty the dehumidifier.  Last night we took the kids with us and while we were in the house, Caroline was talking to Piper.

"Oh Piper, can you smell it?  Breath it in, smell the Bertie air!"

I thought that was so cute - I know they miss my parents because they ask about them constantly.  Piper pretends she's talking on the phone to them all.the.time.  Bryce asks random questions like what they are wearing or what they might be doing (no clue!).  And then Caroline updates us on what time it is where they are.

I've texted back and forth with my dad once or twice a day and they are apparently having an incredible time - I can't wait to hear all about it and see the photos.  They've been to Rome, Florence (and several towns around Florence), Manarola, and they are finishing up their trip in Venice.  They even rented a car and been seeking out lots of non-touristy places.  My dad's last text was something to the effect of "Venice has been a party town for hundreds of years - we're continuing the tradition."  I'm sure they are - they're there with their best friends and they've always known how to have a good time.  When I grow up, I want to be like my parents.....

And a big thank you to my MIL and FIL who have done an extra day this week and last in the child care department since my mom usually does Mondays.  We appreciate it soooooooooo much! 


Viv said...

I wanna be like your parents too :)

Katie said...

Planning a trip to Italy in 20 years... wanna come with?!?! :)

Heather said...

The Bertie air? That is so cute! I still remember the smell of Oma's apartment--it was sort of a mix of Dove soap (the pink kind), fabric softener and fried & breaded chicken cutlets.

I want to be your parents too!

Viv said...

So an Jersey Shore spottings? HA! I just read the one girl almost fell of a bridge yesterday - OMG what a train wreck that show is!