Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Morning Blogging

Didn't intend on taking a week off from blogging.  Things have just been really busy with work as we get closer to our transition (e.g. lots of meetings!) and then, in the evenings, I never sit down at the computer anymore thanks to my handy Droid not making it necessary in terms of email, Facebook, and Twitter (like FB and Twitter are ever necessary).

Here are a few things going on:

  • Piper can now say Caroline's name clearly.  It literally went from "Ca-ca" to "Caroline" within one day!  I got home from work one day and the kids prompted her and it came out crystal clear.  I was beside myself.  Apparently, my MIL and FIL had been working with her on it.  It's truly amazing to me how clearly she can say some words when she puts the effort in.  I just love her little voice - check it out:

  • Caroline continues to gear up for the big talent show next week.  She's had practice twice a week after school and she's loving being part of the production.  When I pick her up in the evenings, she's surrounded by kids (usually older) and they all seem to think she's just so great.  It's funny, actually.  I've noticed that in her own class too - a lot of kids seem to be interested in Caroline.  It's probably her silly, bubbly personality.  She laughs all.the.time when she's at school and there's just something about her that draws other kids to her.  She's definitely different at school than she is at home and it's interesting to watch her.  The other day I went in and she didn't see me so I stood and watched her with the other kids.  At the table where she was sitting (while other kids practiced their acts), she was sitting with 5 other older kids and the guidance counselor.  They were all talking and coloring and she was giggling and trying to make them laugh.  I saw her run up and pal around with the gym teacher, Ms. K (who I love!) and who calls Caroline "Sweet Caroline" all the time.  When I went over, I was told by one of the kids that Caroline was the best piano player IN THE WORLD!  HA!  She had to say her good byes to all of them and give them hugs.  Her guidance counselor, who is just so sweet, said that Caroline is just so lively and funny in this environment.  I think the atmosphere is exciting for her and it really just brings out the performer in her.
  • My parents returned safely from Italy last Friday and we decided to go to their house and make dinner in preparation for their homecoming.  When they walked in around 6:30, the kids went bananas.  Caroline and Bryce were soooo excited but Piper took it to a new level.  She was almost shrieking "I missed you! I missed you!" over and over.  My mom thought Piper might start crying she was so worked up!  Obviously, a very sweet homecoming for all.  The kids were excited by their Italian goodies (candy and other sundries) and Jason and I were interested in their stories and photos.  Here's a photo from their trip that I just love (hope my dad doesn't mind I stole it from his Facebook) - he posted all the photos of the 2 of them together on his FB and they are just so adorable.  They look so happy and it make my heart happy to see how much fun they still have together.  

  • On Saturday, last week, we went out to lunch in honor of my MIL and FIL's birthdays (their birthdays are 3 days apart).  My SIL, Kelly, and I decided that going out for lunch was the best option since we knew that it would end up being just the 2 of us making and cleaning up a lunch for everyone at my IL's house and while we've done that in the past, we thought it would be at nice treat for everyone to go out (and we didn't have to clean it up!).  And by it being lunch, we could go back to my IL's house for cake and gifts.  I made a "Lime in the Coconut" cake since my FIL loves coconut cake so much.  This is a great recipe since it has a lot of coconut milk and coconut extract in it - so dense and flavorful!  Definitely a nice afternoon spent all together with my ILs.

Can't think of a whole lot more to add.  School is winding down - Caroline is done on June 17 and Bryce is done on June 10.  Caroline has the 2 summer camps and Bryce will be joining her for one evening "camp" at the nature center in July.  We've got a beach trip planned too.  I need to get on the library's website and check out their summer reading program schedule because last summer they had some great events!  

Last night Jason and I had a date night - had dinner at a microbrewery and had their annual blueberry ale (yum!) and then went and saw Bridesmaids.  I haven't laughed that hard at a movie, I don't think, ever.  Although, I will say that while it was hilarious and I was laughing so hard I started coughing, I'm not sure I'd sit through it again.  The shock value is what makes it so funny and seeing it again isn't the same.  Plus there are some slow parts that could have been edited down.  However, totally worth the money for a night out.  The entire audience was in hysterics we were all laughing so hard at certain parts - I don't think I've ever been in a theater and heard people laughing that hard.  Kristen Wiig's awkward antics and the (sometimes) gross humor combined for a very good laugh. 

Looking forward to a lovely Memorial Day weekend - I think there will be a lot of swimming and I will get to use the underwater shooting feature on our digital video camera!  

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