Friday, May 20, 2011

First Grade Beauty Lesson

Evidently Caroline has a new boy crush.  It's been a while since she's had one so it was about time, I suppose.  His name is S. and he is a cute little kid.  I actually sat next to him on the bus after the field trip last week and he told me all about his family and where he used to live.  While I was sitting with him, Caroline was sitting in front of me with her 2 best gal pals doing a lot of whispering and giggling.

She had already told me that she liked him but then on Tuesday she came home and announced that she found out that S. likes her.  I asked her how she knew and she said that another boy in her class told her.  Ha!  I asked her what that means and she just said that it means that they like each other.

Then that night at bedtime she tells me this:

"Sometimes when I am sitting in class, I will put on my lip balm (Lip Smackers) and then I will lick my fingers, smooth them over my eye lashes and eyebrows and then blink my eyes at S.  He will smile, turn red, and hide his face."


If you had witnessed this little display you would have been trying as hard as possible not to laugh because as she's telling me what she does, she is demonstrating the grooming of her eye lashes and eyebrows....oh and the blinking.  Um, goo goo eyes anyone?  Where in the world does she get this stuff?  This is why she's never been allowed to watch iCarly.  Sponge Bob been doing that?

Somehow, I managed to keep my composure and not even really smile when she told me because this is precisely the kind of stuff I want her to keep telling me and if I laugh or give her a hard time about it, that might stop.  I told her that was an interesting beauty routine and she said that it makes her look more pretty.  Ha!  I told her she's pretty without doing that and it might make her face smell like spit.  She just laughed.

Then this morning when I joked that I was having lunch with my "boyfriend" (yes, Jason), Caroline said, "S. is my boyfriend." I said, "Oh, you mean he's a boy and your friend?"

"No, he's my boyfriend - it means something different!"

"Have you two talked about this?"

"No, he just is."

I asked her what it means to her and she said she didn't really know - they just like each other.  Soooo, that's what we're going with.  When will she hit the stage where boys are gross and she wants nothing to do with them??

I remember some other girls in my classes in those early grades that were like Caroline - natural boy interest, I presume.  I never understood because I wasn't the slightest bit interested in boys until middle school, although I do recall having a few crushes here and there throughout elementary school though I would never have dared to do anything about them.  Keeping my fingers crossed this "liking" boys thing stays low key for a while.  Will have to keep my eye on this one!


Heather said...

I went to Catholic school for a bit...I got "married" in 3rd grade and "divorced" in 4th grade. We had lawyers and everything. It was THE thing to do at recess! Ha. I am not sure Allen can handle the time when Gretchen is interested in boys...a few boys in preschool think she's "cute" and Allen can't stand it! Ha.

Laura said...

I laughed out loud at your comment to C that her beauty routine may make her face smell like spit. Too funny! I'll have to remember that one in case I can ever use that line.