Friday, May 20, 2011

The Cat Came Back

Every morning on our way to Bryce's school, we drive through this little neighborhood.  Right as we turn onto the street where his school is, there's a house with a bay window in the front that sometimes has a cat lounging in it.  After seeing it enough times, I brought it to Bryce's attention and each morning he would look for it.  We didn't see it every morning, just randomly.  However, recently, we went a fairly long stint without seeing it.

An adult would just believe that it's just not been there when we've been driving by.  It's a very brief window of time and that cat could be doing many different things.  But not Bryce.  No, Bryce, after not seeing the cat for a few weeks decided that the cat was DEAD.  Yup, dead. 

Every morning we'd drive by and he'd say with conviction, "Yep that cat is DEAD.  I just know it."  Some mornings, he'd change his tune slightly, "Maybe it just ran away."

No matter how many times I'd tell him that it was just more likely that the cat just didn't happen to be in the window, he insisted that the cat was dead.  It made me laugh each and every time.

And then last week, lo and behold, there was the cat.  I could see it as we approached the house and as soon as it was clear, I directed Bryce to look.   He was floored!  "THE CAT!!!  I can't believe it's not dead!"

I laughed.  (My rides to school with Bryce are rarely dull.)  He was just so completely taken aback at the fact that the cat wasn't dead and that his guess was wrong. 

And as we enter the final weeks of Bryce's time at his school, we continue to look each morning and when the cat isn't there, he's finally acknowledged that the cat is probably just doing something like eating its breakfast or laying on the couch.  When we saw it 2 days in a row this week, he was thrilled and said he couldn't wait to tell Caroline.  Clearly, it's important news around our house. 

I'll kind of be sad to not have this little ride with Bryce every morning.  I've been taking him to school by himself the past 2 years and have grown accustomed to the time with just him.  He says such funny things and I just love his perspective on the world.  Even though I won't miss driving out of my way and might actually get to work when I'm supposed to - it will be the end of an era.

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Heather said...

You have to BLOG...I feel like I have no idea what is going on in your world!?!??!