Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Black Bean Burgers

Lauren posted this recipe on Facebook a while back and I finally got around to trying it out:

Black Bean Burgers

I actually took the advice that she posted as one of her comments on the recipe of sauteing the onions and adding some chopped mushrooms to the mix.  These were GREAT!  I've said before how much I enjoy meatless options and this one is not to be missed.  And the best part?  The kids actually liked/tolerated them!  Caroline balked when I told her what we were having and then before I knew it, gobbled her half of one up!  Bryce ate his without complaining but then after eating most of it said he didn't like it (I don't believe him) and Piper at least ate a few bites.

We topped them with a variety of things like lite ranch dressing or ketchup or horseradish mustard (and adults added tomatoes and leafy lettuce). 

If I made them again I would be more careful about the level of heat since I singed mine and smoked the house up a bit.   I also might cut back to 3/4 cup of bread crumbs because I think 1 cup was a little too much. 

We served them with fresh green beans and these awesome Alexia potato wedges.  These will definitely be in my menu's circulation.


Lisa :) said...

I love the Alexia Sweet Potato Fries. YUM!

Lauren said...

So glad that you made the burgers and they were a hit! I've made them a few times now, adding different ingredients each time (like eggplant or butternut squash). They are so good!
We've been committed to Meatless Mondays for a while now, and this is one of Greg's favorite dinners (although he would still take meat almost any day over anything vegan or vegetarian).

Katie said...

Looks good! I remember getting a meal like that at Let's Dish.