Monday, May 02, 2011

Antibiotic Woes

Thankfully, the antibiotics I am on (the dreaded amoxicillin) are working fine.  However, the antibiotics Bryce is on for the finger infection are apparently not so good.  His finger already looks markedly better however this morning he woke up with an itchy head. (Yes, I checked him for head lice.)  This was one of the first things that started itching when he had the reaction to amoxicillin.  He's on Keflex which is a remote cousin to the cillin family and doesn't cause a reaction in most people allergic to the cillins.  Apparently Bryce may not be "most people."  The doctor told us to obviously stop the meds and see how he responds - crossing fingers that he's not hit with the immune storm that he was last time although clearly we'll be avoiding all antibiotics in the cephalosporin family now too.  Thank goodness we have an allergist check up on Wednesday!!!!  This is stressing me out beyond belief right now.  I'm to give Bryce any kind of medicine in the future and have anxiety about him getting sick and needing antibiotics.

ETA:  Just found this excellent explanation online about allergies to cillins and now Keflex.  So maybe not all is lost when it comes to Bryce and other antibiotics.

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