Monday, April 25, 2011

We Went to the Zoo Zoo Zoo!

I have a photo similar to this with my siblings and cousins in the 80's and 90's.
On Saturday, we met our friends at the Maryland Zoo. It really wasn't an optimal day for going when we woke up. Rain. 50 degrees. Cold. But, we'd had this planned for a long time and our friends aren't in town that often and the kids reallllly wanted to go. So, the rain stopped and while it was still dreary and cool, we decided to go. We decided to buy a family membership knowing the day wasn't a great one and going for 2 visits would pay for said membership. The weather kept the crowds down significantly. As in, almost none! There were a lot of animals out and about and the kids enjoyed everything they saw. Although typically, they didn't want to stand and look for long. I could have stood and watched the giraffes, elephants, or leopard all day. Bryce even fed a giraffe! (Video coming...)

We decided to have lunch around 1pm and as we were sitting there under an awning, it started raining. Boo. (This was also when we randomly saw my friends Amy and Heather from my freshman year at Maryland  I've seen each of them since college but never with their kids in tow.  Such a random day for a run-in considering how few people were at the zoo!)

But that cold rain continued and we all got a little wet and COLD. 50 degrees in the rain is chilly!  We decided to pack it in and go home.  It stopped raining as we waited for the tram and then, by the time we got home, the sun was peaking out.   Less than an hour later it was 75 degrees and hot.  WTH?

We didn't miss seeing that much but it certainly would have made the day more enjoyable if the weather had been better.  But, all's well that ends well because we spent the rest of the day at our house visiting with our friends.  The kids got to play outside for a long time and they finally had the joy of eating on the deck.  (Caroline and Bryce have been bugging us for an alfresco meal for a month or more.)  A good time was had by all and Piper made a new best friend in Gretchen.  It was so nice visiting and seeing the kids play together.  I don't know what it is but just introducing one extra child into the play makes it so much easier - my kids play much better together as a result. 

The only photos I really took that day at the zoo were with my phone because I mistakenly left the portrait lens on my camera and left the bag at home. Doh.  The rest I just haven't had a chance to download yet.  Although this was my favorite from my phone because you can't see the pane of glass between Piper and the leopard.  It looks kind of freaky, actually.  Watch out, Pipes!

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Heather said...

We had a GREAT time! Thanks for hosting...and that lasagna...I'm having dreams about it! Mmmm! Gretchen keeps talking about the kids and what fun she sad we live so far apart! We're looking forward to you visiting our neck of the woods one of these days. I'll email you some photos from the zoo.