Monday, April 04, 2011

Tortellini Toss

Another thanks to Amy who posted this recipe over at her newish food blog (you've got a winner going over there, my friend!):

A Little Nosh - Tortellini Toss

Jason actually made it while I was at the birthday party.  The only thing done differently was we used roasted almonds instead of walnuts since no one really likes walnuts in our house.  Plus, he got smart and instead of cooking up bacon himself, we had a jar of bacon bits (the real ones, not "baco").  I probably wouldn't have done it but it turned out fine.  I'm eating leftovers today for lunch and it has yummy bacon flavor.

Very good and vegetablely!  Awesome as leftovers too!


Amy said...

Glad you like it (and my blog!). One of my favorite meals.

Lisa :) said...

This looks very good. I gather this is a hot dish, but it seems like it would be good cold as well.