Thursday, April 28, 2011


HOORAY!  Today, finally, Caroline's snaggle tooth decided to fall out.

I can't tell you how happy I am.  Seriously, the snaggle had been hanging on by very little for weeks!  Apparently even her teacher couldn't believe it outlasted spring break.  Over the weekend our friends' daughter even made a comment to her mom to ask what in the world was wrong with Caroline's tooth.  She had a knack for sitting with it hanging out over her bottom lip.  Lovely.  But she would not let anyone pull it.  Nope.  And I am not in the game to completely betray my daughter's trust by pinning her down to pull it.  (I'm not above doing that for giving her allergy eye drops though - that's medicine, it's necessary!) 

She was thrilled to have lost it in school once again and to have gotten to pick out another one of those tooth treasure chests the nurse has.  I'm starting to think maybe this was her plan all along.  Tooth Fairy came and didn't take the tooth again and left the usual payment.  Of course this morning Caroline asked if I was the tooth fairy.  I didn't say yes or no, I just smiled.  I think we need to have a talk tonight about it.  I'm going to ask her what she wants to believe - does she want to believe in the magic or does she want to believe it's mommy/daddy?  It's a slippery slope for the Easter Bunny and Santa after the Tooth Fairy, but with a child going on 8, it's really not such a surprise that she's doubting.  She's a smart cookie after all.

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Bracken said...

Congrats Caroline!

I agree, she is a smart cookie so it is no surprise she is asking questions. Sydney has started to ask questions as well. You have it harder though because you have two younger kids that could be influenced by Caroline. Out of the three holidays, Christmas is probably the easiest to believe in because an Easter Bunny coming to your house is just creepy if you think about it and a tooth fairy with wings that can fly is just harder to believe :> Hope Caroline chooses to believe in the magic just for a little longer.