Friday, April 29, 2011

Thursday into Friday

On Thursday evening, I took my kids down to the school in the city where my sister is the food educator.  4 times a year, she and the kids (and some parents) put on a community dinner where they serve themed healthy food to everyone who buys a (cheap) ticket.  My sister's school is a charter school and just amazing - at least from what I witnessed.  You wouldn't guess it's an inner city school.  In fact, if I had the chance to send my kids there and was closer, I would in a second.  The dinner was Spanish themed and was just delicious.  Bryce was the most willing to try things and liked the gazpacho and tomato bread, Piper ate only the cookies, and Caroline barely tried anything.  The veggie paella was delicious as was the cabbage salad.  Yum.  However, the kids were more interested in playing on the playground and exploring the veggie garden outside of the school.

 It was a glorious evening after the storms earlier in the day and all the other kids on the playground were so friendly and polite.  I had several girls a little older than Caroline offer to help me "watch" Piper.

As the evening progressed, my throat was starting to get sore.  I figured it was allergies since I'd forgotten to take my Allegra that morning.  My throat was getting more and more sore but I also figured that I hadn't had enough to drink and my throat was dry.  It wasn't until the kids were in bed and I laid down to watch Grey's Anatomy and drink tea that I realized I felt like crap.  My throat was really irritated and I was all achy and exhausted.  I didn't sleep very well at all and woke up at 5:45am feeling worse.  Since I was already going to be leaving work at 1pm to take Bryce to the doctor's (more later), I figured I should just take the day.  I laid in bed watching the Royal Wedding (good timing?) and as the kids woke up we watched together.  Caroline was the most interested and liked hearing my historical references and explanations for things.  I'm a fan of ceremony and ritual and add that to my fascination with British history and this is right up my alley.  Plus, having watched Diana/Charles and Sarah/Andrew's weddings as a kid, this just feels right.

I'm really glad I took did because even after resting and taking a lot of ibuprofen, I feel rotten.  My throat isn't quite as bad but I'm just so tired and achy.  My MIL still came down (thank you!), and finished getting the kids breakfast.  I'd already gotten them dressed and waffles started but all their questions were hurting my throat!

Now I just have to rally myself to take Bryce to the doctor's this afternoon.  He's had an quite a spring for illnesses and such.  So far his spring allergies have been manageable and I attribute that to keeping him inside, keeping the house closed up (blech!), and the rain keeping the pollen to more manageable levels.  The meds help a lot too.  But, his problem this time is an infected finger/nail.  Ew.  Paronychia to be more specific.  My brother had this frequently as a kid and given that I think Bryce is soooo much like my brother when he was a kid, this just fits.   Bryce needs to stop biting his nails and keep them clean.  Tall order for a little boy.  I am sure Dr. Q will put him on an antibiotic but I also wonder if he will do anything to treat it externally because, well, it's GROSS.  Festering almost.  I'd take a picture but you might get sick.

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