Monday, April 04, 2011


Caroline was invited to a good friend's 8th birthday party yesterday - it was her first time on the ice!  I didn't say too much about it beforehand and gave her the option as to whether I'd skate or not.  Most of the other kids at the party had skated before, but there were a few other kids on the same skating level as Caroline.  I'm not exactly a great skater, but I can stay up on 2 feet.  But, I was glad that Caroline chose that I not skate and hoped that it would help her figure it out on her own.  It worked!  The parents of the birthday girl hired one of the skater trainers to assist the kids and help out the non-skaters.  Caroline got a lot of help from her and from the birthday girl's mom.  I watched her fall over and over again but every time she did, she smiled and got back up!  I have some videos of her out in the middle of the ice with the rest of the party and it was just so cute.  I could see she was trying so hard.  She kept smiling and waving to me. 

After an hour, it was time for pizza and cake and all the girls left the ice.  But after that, Caroline was eager to get back out on the ice.  I cautioned her that the trainer wasn't there anymore and none of the adults from the party were out on the ice - just the other girls.  She didn't care, she wanted another try.  And just like that she was doing better.  She still fell a few times but was doing a lot better.  She was so proud of herself.  And now, she wants lessons!

At first I wasn't so sure but now I'm considering it.  The fact that the rink is about a half hour from home being my biggest concern.  But I don't think that Caroline will ever be my super athletic, team sport kind of child and this might just be something for her to do that's a good outlet for her since I don't want my daughters in any kind of dance program.  I need to look into it some more and talk to the birthday girl's mom since she's been in lessons for a few sessions. 


Viv said...

How fun! I have only been ice skating 1 time and I'm not sure when & if my daughters will ever go! If she likes it then go for it and see..............

Ok so why do dance programs?

Erika said...

I don't like how most rec dance programs are run. I don't like the focus on the costumes, photos, and how you can't just do one type of dance after a few years. The cost for what you're getting is ridiculous (IMO) and I just don't want it to be something that my kids are involved in. If they were serious about dance, I'd be more apt to do a real ballet type studio where the focus would be on the dancing. A friend of mine has her daughter in a youth program at the School for the Arts that's more in line for what I'd be looking for (but, a little too far for us). I'm just really jaded about rec dance programs and what they actually offer.