Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rash Update

After no antibiotics for over 30 hours and his rash getting worse, we decided after talking to the doctor to take him to the ER.  Thankfully our local hospital has a brand new ER with a special pediatric ER.  Just an amazing facility and they weren't busy.  My mom met us there thinking it could be a long night as ER visits can be, but it wasn't.  He was seen quickly and the doctor was kind of surprised at how bad his rash was.  2 doctors ruled out scarlet fever, which was what we were really worried about after having had strep.  He's on a short course of steroids now and I'm hoping will wake up feeling like a new man.  He's had steroids before for his allergies and they worked like magic.  Poor buddy.  He was so itchy today and we gave him Benedryl like clockwork.

He was adorable at the ER though and had a bunch of nurses helping him right away.  How can you resist him?

So now we wait to see if the strep comes back or not.  Sigh.  Poor kid.  Like he needs another bout with strep.  But the ER doc didn't want to mix a new drug into things, which I agreed with, and having 4 days of antibiotics might be enough (apparently there are some recent studies suggesting it might be).

Happy Birthday to Jason!  It was a nice day up at his mom's and I'm glad our day ended with a fast ER trip without drama.  Thanks to my mom for joining us and lending her usual nursing/grandmotherly support.

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Bracken said...

Poor Bryce! Hope the steroid helps.