Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Poop That Keeps On Giving

So you remember my story from last week where Piper made poop butt prints all over her room?  I thought that was said and done and the next day found a t-shirt that she had been messing with that had dried poo all over it and got put back in a basket.  Gross.  And then last night - a whole week and a half later - I looked down at the Richard Scarry anthology laying on her floor (a book that had been mine as a kid!) and I noticed something on the back cover.  OMG, dried POOP!  How the hell did that happen?  I'm guessing it was laying on the floor of said poop incident and then, because the cover is brown too (ha!), it was missed in cleanup and eventually got put back on shelf.  Ewwwwww. 

Nothing a few Clorox wipes couldn't take care of, but now I keep wondering when I'll find the next hidden poo surprise.  Piper feigned that she was grossed out by it too but I kind of think she's enjoying this.

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