Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Piper Strikes Yet Again

I almost forgot to post this in the excitement of my job news.  We had to get the carpet shampooer out again for a mess Piper caused, but this mess was not as pleasant.  Um yeah, poop.  And my poor mother was the person who had to initially deal with it since it was when we were at work.

Piper was up in her room supposedly taking a nap and pooped.  However, the basket full of 3T clothes that belonged to Caroline (I had just brought them upstairs) was too tempting and she decided she wanted to try them on.  So, instead of calling for my mom, she disrobed.  There were poop butt marks all over the carpet, on her blankets, on the rocking chair, and on a bunch of the clothes in the basket.  She even tried to put on a pair of the Dora underpants she found.  Poooop!

My mom did her best with some wipes and then Jason shampooed the carpet after dinner.  I swear this little girl is trying to sabotage my carpets.  What gives, Piper?  Always up to something, that one.


Katie said...

Poop stories always make me laugh. Even though it is gross, it is funny.

Erika said...

Not having been the one who actually found it, it made me giggle too. And based on where the butt prints were ALL over the room, imagining what Piper was doing along the way makes me laugh. There was a butt print in back of her door, in front of her closet, on the rocking chair. It's like a map of where she was!