Monday, April 18, 2011

Moving Toward Recovery...I Hope

After a rough night, I took Bryce into our doctor's before 8am this morning.  He quickly surmised that the dose of steroids they gave him in the ER wasn't enough for his robust allergic reaction.  Because of all of his other allergies, he's just primed for this sort of thing, I guess.  The dosage they gave him in the ER was probably fine for any average kid having an allergic reaction but based on how sensitive Bryce is to all of his environmental allergens, it makes sense an allergy to amoxicillin would be bad too.  So instead of 1 1/2 teaspoons once a day, he's going to be on 2 teaspoons twice a day for 3 days.  The he'll taper down to 1 teaspoon once a day and we'll cross our fingers that will be enough.  Apparently, even though the meds have been out of his system for a while, the body's initial reaction can continue for days.  Bryce was starting to get really itchy again this morning and within an 90 minutes of the increased dose, he was feeling better. In fact, he's almost completely himself again.  Which is saying something considering how terrible he felt yesterday.  He was red from head to toe with huge raised welts.

I'll be honest, I'm a bit spent.  Not knowing how long this is going to last and seeing him so miserable has been tough.  I won't completely relax until he's off the steroids and back to normal.   No more "cillin" drugs for Brycey.

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Heather said...

That happened to me was to a sulfa drug...Bactrim. I was miserable. Poor guy...he looks so chipper in the photos despite being so bright red!