Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Motormouth Bryce

So far, we've kept the rash at bay and we were actually able to enjoy our day together yesterday. (My MIL and I took them to see Rio and then she treated us to lunch at "Old" McDonalds.) Thank goodness!  It seems we're able to go the full 12 hours now on the dose of steroids and we've started tapering him down and, so far, no rash. We'll continue and hopefully we will find that we've weathered his immune storm.

I know on Monday morning I came very close to losing it.  When he'd had a fever on top of the rash that wouldn't quit (or stop itching), I just felt completely helpless.  I was just so upset and worried.  However, my mood quickly rebounded when I returned from picking up a few things to find that the double dose of steroids had kicked in and he was back to being Bryce.  Whew. My mom and I even took all 3 kids out for lunch at Ruby Tuesdays.  When we got home, he was feeling so good he ran out on the playground and was twisting and contorting himself all through the bars of the ladder.  Of course I had to tell him to knock it off because I did NOT want to be taking him back to the ER for something else.  He also resumed eating and drinking.  Boy did he.  He drank so much, I caught him out back peeing into the woods several times.  I was just so happy he was better, I didn't care!

Now my only worries are if the rash comes back as we decrease his dosage and if the strep comes back.  Dr. Q was reluctant to give him another antibiotic until his rash cleared up for fear of introducing another piece of the equation.  I feel certain it will come back, but maybe I will be wrong this time.  (The steroid will mask the strep for a short time.)

The funniest part of all this has been how Bryce reacted to the steroids.  They can make you jittery and in Bryce's case, they made him talk EVEN MORE.  I've always said that Bryce could talk the leg off a chair, but O.M.G - I couldn't believe the talking.  It was comical in many ways although it drove Caroline a little crazy (it's calmed down some as we decreased the dose) as he cannot control his outbursts and interrupts left and right.  When he crawled into bed with me on Tuesday morning, he turned on the Speed Channel (his fav) and couldn't stop talking to me about the monster trucks on screen.  And he couldn't stop hugging and cuddling me.  A tall order when Piper had me up several times and this was only 7am.  Geez. 


Viv said...

He really is like Dash, isn't he?

Hope you can get the "rash" thing figured out soon and that it never comes back - craziness! (Jay was looking over my shoulder looking at the one pic of him in the tub and hesaid "that poor little guy, but he looks so happy!" Then every day he asked me about updates, he waas so concerned for a boy he'd never met ;)

Erika said...

Thanks, Vivian. That's really sweet of you and your husband to be so concerned. I didn't take any photos of him at his worst so there's no real documentation of him covered in rash without a smile. But he did handle it REALLY well, I had to tell him to quit telling the doctors he was "good." He was NOT good. LOL!