Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Marshy Point Nature Center

After being out on Saturday evening without the kids (and getting to sleep in on Sunday morning), I wanted to spend a fun day with them on Sunday.  We decided to finally venture down to Marshy Point Nature Center to check it out since the older kids will be going to a summer evening cool camp in July.  The weather wasn't great, but at least it wasn't raining and wasn't cold.  We had intended to walk trails after exploring the nature center, but Piper fell into the mud about 1/4 mile in.  The trails were really muddy though and with it raining practically every other day lately, we decided to go back and spend some more time with the real and dead (stuffed) animals in the nature center.  If you live nearby, it's completely free - you really should check it out.  I couldn't believe all the live animals they had.  Bryce was a little freaked out at the dead stuffed and skinned bears, but after seeing me pet it, overcame some of his fears.  I can't wait to go back when it's drier and we can explore the trails more.  Apparently they are going to be expanding the trails even more in the years to come and because it's right on the water and off the beaten path, it is just soooo peaceful.  The kids just loved it!

Hanging out with the bear skin.  I'll admit, it freaked me out a little too.
At the beginning of our walk, before Piper fell in the mud.
Canoe launching dock
Caroline confronting her fear of foxes by petting a dead one.
Piper's favorite, the Bobwhite Quails - almost as cute as she is.
Fear the Turtles!  Diamondback Terrapins!


Viv said...

We love it there! We are there almost every week since we are so close... their Spring Festival is this Saturday if you wanna go back (trails will still be wet but there will be even more fun things to do)

Viv said...

Oh and my favorite thing to do is to make the bobwhite say "bobwhite", Makenzie loves the standing baby bear and Victoria loves watching the duck walk all over the place.

Whoever has Piper on Mondays next year (your Mom) should take her to the Monday preschool nature time they do from 11-12 every week - she would LOVE IT!