Friday, April 15, 2011

The Little Things

One of the things about having kids is that while there are big things to appreciate, there are also a lot of little ones that are much easier to forget.  I know one of the little things I like best right now is going in to see Piper when she wakes up.  She almost always wakes up happy (on her own) and she is just the most precious little being on the planet at that moment.  Her hair is mussed and often quite ratty in the back.  Her breath is kind of stinky, but it smells like her.  She usually smells a little like pee.  Her pajamas are disheveled.  Her little toes peak out of her pajama bottoms.  And her cute little, round face has that just slept look to it.  Oh and she wants to give you lots of hugs and kisses.  I pick her up and she'll usually smell me.  This morning she hugged me post-workout and felt that my hair was a little sweaty in the back and she asked me about it and then told me I was dirty.  Other mornings she'll wake up right after I get out of the shower and she'll hug me, feel my wet hair, and then smell my neck or face and tell me I smell good.  And while she's a tad bit stinky, it's Piper stink.  She just smells like Piper.  Precious, squishy, wonderful Piper.  Her funny, little broken tooth smile just makes me want to eat her up sometimes.

And then there's Bryce first thing in the mornings.  I take him to our bed at 6:15 to start waking up while I take a shower.  When I uncover him, he's completely out.  I scoop him up and carry all 50 lbs of him to our bed.  He lays his head on my shoulder and almost always pats my back as I carry him.  (I won't be able to do this much longer!)  I lay him down, cover him up and then kisses his wonderful cheeks at least 5 times.  Most of the time, he doesn't remember this.  Then he lays there in bed as I finish getting ready and procrastinates getting up.  I usually have to start pulling his pajamas off of him to get him moving.  I can't help tickling him most mornings.  He's always ready to dole out a few hugs and kisses himself.  And then we go down for breakfast and he talks my ear off about the most random things at the breakfast table.  I'll miss that next year.

As for Caroline, I usually don't see her until she wakes up on her own and I leave her alone until she does.  But I always go in and check on her before I go to bed because I want to make sure she's properly settled because she likes to stay up reading.  She's one that I know I can kiss and not really wake up, or if I do, she will just roll over and go back to sleep.  I'll go into her room and she's sleeping usually with her mouth open.  I hardly ever catch her sleeping with her thumb in her mouth anymore (she's almost kicked the habit completely on her own!).  She's usually all sweaty since she's a sweaty sleeper and will have her hair every which way around her.  She'll sleep on the complete edge of the bed near the wall.  I kiss her and she almost always rolls over.  I look at her and can't believe she's 7.  How quickly time goes.

These little details are so easy to forget.  But their the little things that just endear my children so much to me.  I'm so lucky to be their mom.

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Lisa :) said...

So sweet! Thanks for letting me have a little flashback of when my children would wake up in the morning. It seems you always have at least one child that takes forever to wake up in the AM. :-) I truly miss those days! Now they wake up and we all just kinda growl and keep on going with our morning routine. lol.My daughters are fine in the AM, but my son...NOT a morning person. He hates if you get chatty.