Saturday, April 16, 2011

It Wasn't The Tree Pollen

Poor Bryce!  Yesterday at 4pm, Bryce developed a super red, super itchy rash on his neck, shoulders, and parts of his face.  Having a child that used to have food allergies, my first thought was WHAT DID HE EAT??  But after figuring out that he hadn't really eaten anything in a few hours and nothing out of the ordinary, I was pretty sure it wasn't food related.  The next culprit?  Pollen.  Seems a little far fetched to some, I suppose, but last spring during a pollen bloom, Bryce wore shorts and developed welts and itchiness all over his legs.  He's been diagnosed with a severe tree pollen allergy and because the rash was isolated to areas that were likely touched by pollen (and then spread as he itched it), we figured that HAD to be it.  We put him in an oatmeal bath, dosed him with Benedryl, and he was better quickly.  Or so we thought.

We took the kids to the local drive-in to see a movie and all was well. Until about 9pm. Benedryl was wearing off. Crap. He started itching EVERYWHERE this time. Scalp. Belly. Legs. Back. Oof. Thankfully, we'd stopped on our way out and gotten more Benedryl and hydro cortisone. We doctored him up and headed home. There's no way it was the pollen. And then I started thinking that maybe it WAS the antibiotics. I hadn't even considered it since he's been on them several times in the past and had been on his current course for 4 days without any issues.

I called Dr. Q and he agreed that it was most likely the antibiotics - amoxicillin. He said that it wasn't actually that uncommon for a penicillin/amoxicillin allergy to come out of nowhere. And after doing a little googling (thanks, Jay) we found the same thing, plus photos of the typical allergic reaction to penicillin/amoxicillin and how they looked exactly the same. So we skipped his bedtime dose of the antibiotic and Dr. Q said that he should be fine by this afternoon. If it all clears up, we'll know that's the problem and he'll put him on a different antibiotic to make sure we kick the strep.

Bryce woke up this morning still itchy but the rash is clearing up in the same pattern it started, His head/neck aren't really itchy/red anymore but the rash is still kind of raging on his lower half. We'll dose him with Benedryl as needed.

We have a checkup with our allegist, Dr. S, on May 4 so I'm sure this will be a topic of conversation. As an allergy parent, you're prepared for these types of scenarios with Benedryl, allergy creams, and, heaven forbid, an Epi-pen, but it doesn't make it any less stressful. I'm hoping this is the only drug allergy poor Bryce develops. Poor kid. He just can't catch a break. But, so far, his seasonal allergies haven't bothered him, which I'm hoping will be manageable this year given his recent strep bouts and now this allergic reaction.


Heather said...

If I was red and itchy all over there is no way I could put on such a smiley face like Bryce! What a trooper!

Lisa :) said...

My girls both had reactions to Amoxicillin when they were younger. Nothing like poor Bryce. He is such a trooper. I had a reaction to BJ's brand Motrin. Rash head to toe miserable! Although, it took me a while to figure out why I kept getting the rash. Evidently, I was reacting to the orange dye on the pills. Crazy!

I hope he feels better soon ;-)

Laura said...

Poor little guy! He seems to be in good spirits, though, so that must make you feel a little better. I'm glad he's smiling in that photo, because if he'd been making a sad face I think I would have gotten teary. You never like to see a child suffer. I hope this clears out of his system soon.

And thanks for the heads up that a penicillin allergy can pop up at any time. I didn't know that!

Erika said...

Laura - we did our research and found that pretty much everyone who has a reaction has one after a few days of treatment so it hits you like a truck. Crazyyyyyy!