Wednesday, April 27, 2011

He Gets It

Not that I've ever thought that Jason didn't understand what it's like at our house in the mornings - he clearly knows our children, he has been home on random mornings to help, and he hears my stories every day.  However today, on our 3rd consecutive morning of carpooling, he said to me, "I get it." 

"You get what?" I asked.

"I get why you're so worn out and stressed when you get to work in the mornings."  He went on to say that he doesn't know how I put up with everything every single morning.  The stress of getting out the door on time and then having to sit in traffic.  Quite honestly, it's been a lot easier the past 2 years since my ILs started coming and I only have to get Bryce out the door with me.  I'm used to the Baltimore area traffic too - I've been driving in it for over 7 years now - I just turn on Howard and tune out and most days, before I know it, I'm there.  No big deal. 

Bryce has been a bit needy the past couple of mornings too but then, when you have 3 kids, someone is always needy.  I say it to my MIL almost every morning - it's like herding cats.  You have to keep redirecting them and repeating yourself over and over and over.  In the midst of me trying to get Bryce to brush his teeth so I could finish getting ready, Jason could hear my exasperation and came upstairs.  Not that I needed his help, since this is par for the course every.single.morning, but it was nice having him there and helping to get Bryce moving.

I feel bad for him too since no matter the time of day, the kids come to me first with everything.  And often, to avoid a tantrum/meltdown, I'll just do it rather than making them let Jason do it.  For example this morning, Piper needed her diaper changed and wouldn't let Jason do it.  "I don't like Daddy."  Sigh.  After telling her that saying that kind of thing isn't acceptable, I went ahead and changed her since I could do it right away and Jason would have had to fight her to accomplish it. Oh and she insisted on getting dressed that very second.  Add another few minutes to my morning rush....

Caroline was very quiet this morning probably because Piper had a movie turned on for her at 6:15.  Piper abandoned it after a few minutes (as usual) and Caroline was completely engrossed within seconds of waking up.  Piper also demanded breakfast when Bryce was eating too.  She was dressed, after all.

So thank you, Jason.  I'm glad you got to see things from a different perspective over the course of a few days.  But I also need to thank my mom (for Mondays) and my ILs (for the rest of the week) - your help has been amazingly helpful too.  My days of getting all 3 kids out the door were ten times more stressful.

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