Friday, April 08, 2011

Caroline's Massage Palace

After dinner last night, Caroline and Piper ran upstairs and I could hear them giggling and talking.  They were up to something.  So when they started summoning me, I figured it was yet another one of Caroline's grand ideas that ends badly when it doesn't turn out as she would hope.  However, last night was a surprise.  I was greeted at the door with a sign on it that said, "Caroline's Mosoge Palice."  When I went in, Caroline had her desk chair turned around and she was sitting behind it like a desk.  She asked me my name, wrote it down and then asked if I wanted a back massage or body massage.  Not knowing what the difference was and realizing my back kind of hurt, I chose a back massage.  She circled it on her options that she'd written down and then led me over to her bed where she'd laid a towel on her pillow. I was instructed to take off my shoes and lay down on my stomach.  She then went and turned on a CD that was one of Piper's baby lullaby CDs.  The soft music started and she rubbed my back.  She occasionally threw in one of those old skool side of your hand chops that you see in cartoons with someone getting a massage, but she was very gentle.  It was more like a back rub than a massage, but it still felt nice and I was very impressed with her product in general.

Piper joined in by crawling up on the bed and rubbing my back a little too.  Then, randomly, she got down off the bed and was sitting on the floor looking all sad.  Caroline asked her what was wrong and she said that the music made her sad.  Apparently it was a solemn rendition of Lullaby to Piper.  After 3 songs, my massage was over and Caroline went rifling through her closet to give me something.  She handed me a $5 bill.  I laughed and told her that I should be paying her.  I returned her money and thanked her for the very special massage.  She was quite pleased with herself for coming up with such a good idea (so was I).  Simple concept, well executed - Bravo, Caroline!

She then proceeded to do the exact same thing for Bryce and Piper but they chose body massage which involved Caroline rubbing some lotion on their backs and bellies.  Even Jason got a back rub from our home masseuse.

Finally though, it was bedtime for Caroline and I rubbed her back with some lotion and she was very appreciative.  I'm hoping Caroline's Massage Palace makes a return visit in the near future.


Heather said...

That is SO cute! Where did she learn that...? I mean, to have the relaxing music playing and the lotion and all.

Viv said...

Man I all I get here is 'hair salon' complete with (fake) hair washing (me laying back on some chairs/kiddie tables into a pretend tub set up) and (real) combing and styling (yikes) - I am jealous!

Erin said...


Laura said...

How cute! She is very clever!

Laura said...

How cute! She is very clever!