Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend Review

As I sit here waiting for the server to come back up so I can do the rest of my job, I thought I'd finally update about the weekend.

Friday:  We met my parents for an early dinner at CiCi's Pizza. I'd never been there before and given that it's a "buffet" wasn't so sure how it would be, especially for $5 a person.  Well, let's just say it is now my kids' favorite "restaurant!"  Ha!  The pizza wasn't bad and there is oodles of it in addition to salad, soup, breadsticks and warm desserts.  It was clean and the staff was really friendly and helpful.  I'd definitely take the kids back there again - it's perfect for kids as it's noisy, they can have whatever they want, and quick!

After that we headed to my brother and SIL's school for their students' performance of Hairspray.  They're actually the first Baltimore area school to perform it.  (They'd hoped to be the first school in MD but someone on the Eastern Shore did it last year.)  However, given that the show takes place in Baltimore, I'd say the first Baltimore area performance is a big deal.  Their school is a magnet school for the performing arts so they have a lot of talented kids there!  A really great performance.  Caroline was completely transfixed the entire time - she barely moved for both acts!  Bryce was pretty good and watched most of it only getting a little fidgety near the end of each act.  And Piper, she even did a pretty good job.  Although we entertained her periodically with snacks and playing kid games on my mom's Droid.

After the show, my brother and Kelly came down and took Bryce up to see the tech booth - he loved that and even got to flick some lights off and on.  Caroline, who was just completely enthralled with the girl who played the part of Tracy, wanted her autograph.  Aunt Kelly to the rescue!  Kelly got Caroline the autograph in her program.  Caroline was too starstruck to even go anywhere near "Tracy."  Caroline then went home with my parents and spent the night - my mom said she slept with the program!  I definitely think that there is a good possibility that the theater is in Caroline's future.

Saturday:   Got moving early and on the road to see my grandmother in Western Maryland.  My dad's brother and his wife were in town from Kentucky and so it was a good opportunity to see everyone and visit with my grandmother who I hadn't seen since Christmas.  It was a sunny day, but good grief it was cold!  I had no interest in going outside, but the kids did.  They played in MeeMaw's backyard for a while (much like we did as kids - took pictures, need to download them) and then persuaded my mom to take them to the city park . Brrrrr!  But not to them!  They even managed to get my mom to stop for ice cream on the way home.  We had dinner and then headed home.   I settled down to do the menu and grocery list so I wouldn't waste my morning doing it while the kids run a muck.

Sunday:  Thankfully, we didn't get any of the ice or snow they were calling for and I was able to get out of the house by 11 for groceries.  And I got to go alone!  They're still not done reorganizing our grocery store, but almost done but several items were not in the places they were last time - let's hope everything stays where it was now that the grand reopening is coming up.  I blame my scattered state of mind and forgetting a few items (that were on my list!) thanks to that.  By the time I got home, the kids were lunched but getting a bit unruly.  I feel bad that because we spent a whole day away from home the day before and don't have a lot of time to do the bigger household tasks during the week (groceries, vacuuming, laundry, etc) that we have to buckle down and do them on Sunday - which the kids HATE.  They are oh so bored - at least according to Caroline and often end up fighting or doing things they aren't supposed to.  Sadly, the house will not clean itself, the groceries will not just show up on my door step (thanks a lot Peapod), and our clothes will not magically become clean again.  It's sad that I feel sometimes like we're "neglecting" our kids to get things that HAVE to get done, done.  Do any other mom's have this problem?  Your kids just don't tolerate when mom and dad have to commit to household tasks and, gasp, NOT to them for a few hours???

There are some days I just don't have the energy for parenting 3 young children and just want a day off to do housework.  Yes, housework.  I'm not asking to go joyriding.  And yes, most days I'd much rather ditch the housework altogether and either go somewhere or just play with the kids.  I guess I'd just rather be able to do my housework in peace and guilt free. 


Bracken said...

I so feel your pain!!! I struggle with the guilt of doing things around the house all the time. :(

Heather said...

Me too...as a working mother, the household chores just pile up until the weekend...and then I feel like I am spending my precious few hours I have with my children doing laundry, grocery shopping, vaccuuming etc. Its a real dilemma...I guess the lucky Mom's hire help!

Viv said...

Shoot I am a stay at home Mom and svery mcuh struggle with getting stuff done! As the all day entertainment for my 3 year old and half day for my 5 year old - I am not in the house a lot and when I am it's not getting done what "needs" to get done that's for sure! Seems like the only time anything really gets done is a tnight and who has energy for that (and can't really run the vac at 10 pm or put the kids clothes away in the rooms, right) I think it'll get better once it gets nice outside and I can get the girls outside to play and I can grab a few moments of "alone time" HA!

Katie said...

I don't do many chores or shopping on the weekend, but I feel like this struggle occurs on the weekdays. I agree with Viv, I think we need some nice weather to get the kids outside and then it won't be so bad to work around the house.

Bracken said...

Oh yay forgot to also comment, CiCi's pizza is good. Wish we had one around us.